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Tiesto vs. Armin-The Modern Wave

Friday, July 06, 2012

One of the most debated issues in so-called "EDM politics," so many ponder this question, and we have yet to receive a concrete and official answer. Tiesto's departure from the Trance scene left many of its followers stunned, and potentially offended. His self-absorbed ego: calling himself the "Greatest DJ in the World" on his Club Life podcasts, making his own clothing line, and even naming his production sequence the most complex out of any DJ (check his "In The Booth" episodes) all have landed him in mixed graces with much of the world's Trancefamily. However, the facts do not lie. He is most likely the most followed and revered DJ internationally. His music is catchy, easy to listen to, even his name sounds pleasing to the ears. On the other side of the spectrum, Armin Van Buuren has pioneered the trance scene in the last ten years, only further developing and exploring new sounds within the general genre. While I cannot go so far as to say Armin's followers are more dedicated, to the average knowledgable EDM aficionado, he certainly carries less of an ego, his shows are more interactive, and, if you've been to any of his shows, he truly LOVES his fans. Now, just earlier this year, Tiesto came out with an absolute banger, a collaboration with the Ruskis, Swanky Tunes, titled "Make Some Noise." The track is great, it has the classic Swanky Tunes electro feel, with that epic buildup Tiesto is so famous for. It's definitely an anthem and has remained steadily played on my iTunes since its release. Funnily enough, Armin himself came out with a track just a week or so later, titled "We Are Hear To Make Some Noise." Naturally, Armin's track is more complex, yet its structure is awfully similar to a banging electro anthem, digressing from pure trance (something Armin has been trying out in the past year or so). The melodies are by no means similar, yet I find it comical that AvB decided to release such a simple production so close after "Make Some Noise's" release. What's more, the simple phrasing of the addition of "We Are Here" suggests a power assertion on the trance side's part, and the repetition of the whole name maybe even playfully mocks Tiesto's track name. Since I have a strong bias in Armin's favor, I personally it's probably not that difficult for him to throw a track together just to release for the sake of it. Now, although I only met him for a split second and have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tiesto, Armin has a certain charisma about him, as well as a gentle disposition that is so warm and inviting towards his fans. To put it simply, he's a nice guy at heart. He's not about to throw a "diss" track at another respected DJ in the community. But could it perhaps be that he put out "We Are Here to Make Some Noise" just to reaffirm his¬†versatility, or was it just a giant coincidence? That is up to you to decide. So please, respond away, we always love to hear different opinions! Here are both songs, take a listen for yourself: [youtube id="p2GLine0MJU" width="620" height="360"] [youtube id="GsPJ3w7D0bQ" width="620" height="360"]