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MTV VMA's Prediction: Best Electronic Dance Music Video

Monday, August 06, 2012
Daniel Taibleson

[caption id="attachment_3766" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Best VMA's Moment to date....[/caption] It's that wonderful time of year where each September MTV flexes its music television muscles and delivers us with an underwhelming display of pop culture. Filled with tons of useless interviews from tween superstars (who have no grasp of reality) and usually painful monologues from so-called hosts, the VMA's, nevertheless, are still decided by the vote of the people. And because of that, this years winner of Best Electronic Dance Music Video will no doubt receive a huge boost in publicity in the American music market. The VMA's are not necessarily important to EDM lovers, but they still have the ability to have a large effect on the future of the EDM scene (their influence on potential new fans, positive or negative.) While I think it's awesome that dance music is included in the VMA's, the artists who have been nominated are still on the trendy, pop-friendly side of the EDM spectrum. To be blunt, this category might be more appropriately titled something like, "Most Over Played EDM Song of The Year." This article might seem a little negative, but that's because as a true fan of all EDM, I refuse to sit back and keep my mouth shut when there are so many more talented EDM artists, with better videos, than what is being represented by MTV on an international stage. But at the end of the day, I guess that all press is good press; and if listening to Skrillex gets someone to stumble across an episode of Trance Around The World, well, then I'd say world just became a better place. It's all a step in the right direction.

Without Further Ado, The Nominees Are! 

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close: [youtube id="dGghkjpNCQ8" width="620" height="360"] Try watching the official music video for Calvin Harris's his hit track 'Feel So Close' with the sound off and you might agree that it looks more like a botched attempt at sequel of a Levis "Go forth" commercial. Random American's doing random "American stuff." Basically a bad attempt at reaching the American consumer when they could have made this video a way cooler love story. I won't lie, this song was HOT when it came out...but best EDM video of the year? Won't happen. Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf: [youtube id="XKMoVAObbhE" width="620" height="360"] If this video wins, I'll throw up in my mouth, just like I did the first time I saw it. At the same time, for the same reasons (my visceral reaction), this video just might be disgusting and creative enough to steal the show. But I hope not. Martin Solveig - The Night Out: [youtube id="goKeotF-7nA" width="620" height="360"] My initial thoughts when watching this video..."Why the fu*k would I want to watch Martin Solveig go on a date, ride a Vespa, and record the track in the studio." I don't want to watch Martin Solveig fall in love. This is another one of those unfortunate situations where the "official video" of an amazing track actually makes it worse. Verdict? Amazing track, but the video has more of an alternative indie feel...Could have had a wayyyyy cooler video. Skrillex - First of The Year: [youtube id="2cXDgFwE13g" width="620" height="360"] Apparently this track is the theme song for 10-year-old girls who are actually vigilante's and spend their evenings luring sexual predator's into dark creepy rooms in order to murder them with aliens. The only thing worse than this video is the song itself. Putting my dislike for Dubstep aside (to each their own), but this video is just creepy, which I would say is a pretty good representation of Skrillex in general. Avicii - Levels: [youtube id="_ovdm2yX4MA" width="620" height="360"] Avicii's Levels video takes one on a magical trip into the mind of an overworked businessman surrounded by the monotonous tasks of a 9-5. Although his dance moves are pretty cheesy, I think the choreographer may have watched me dancing at EDC, the main idea behind the video, wanting to freak out, blast music, and dance in your office instead of doing your job, is something that any EDM fan can relate to. By FAR the most over-played song of the year, if not the century, but Avicii still walks away with the victory at this years VMA's.

And the award goes to?!:

Avicii, Levels

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