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Rave Juice : The Review

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

  I'm sure most of you hardcore EDM fans out there have seen or heard about the new Product 'Rave Juice' that's been making its way around social media claiming to be, and I quote, "the comprehensive recovery solution designed specifically to help you recover from club life!" Now this definitely turned some heads at the OTB office, because we all know there is nothing worse than heading back to work on a Monday morning after a weekend of involuntary 12 hour dance floor cardio sessions. Not only are your calves sore, but depending on how much you choose to "indulge," it's safe to say your brain might be suffering from some over stimulation as well. The good people of Rave Juice realized that as EDM is sweeping the US by storm (obviously, already a staple in the rest of the world) there was another problem sweeping the nation. I can't even imagine how many businesses and organizations were loosing money because of people who were over partied and malnourished the weekend after EDC Las Vegas....#FirstWorldProblem....But seriously. We raised a skeptical brow at  Rave Juice when we first heard about it, but decided to give it a try knowing that drinking it couldn't possibly make our hang over's any worse. Rave Juice was kind enough to send us 2 cases of the 5-hour energy shaped bottles and what happened next, was quite the pleasant surprise.... [caption id="attachment_4288" align="alignleft" width="377"] Rave Juice Care Package![/caption] This past Saturday night a good buddy of ours just happen to be celebrating his birthday and it was determined that Sunday morning would be the perfect opportunity to test out the rejuvenating qualities that Rave Juice boast to support. Our initial thoughts were that we really had no idea what to expect. Besides the standard influx of Vitamin B, C, Potassium and antioxidants, the key ingredient in Rave Juice is 5-HTP (linked to wikipedia). If you didn't feel like clicking on the link, 5-HTP, as well as being supported by Joe Rogan, has been labeled as a dietary supplement that has antidepressant, appetite suppressant, and sleep aid like qualities. In quasi-technical terms, it helps your brain synthesize serotonin, the happy stuff in your head that tends to be depleted after ingesting MDMA. Now although none of us actually participate in recreational MDMA use, we thought we might as well test out Rave Juice on a nasty hang over from drinking.     The First thing that we noticed upon opening the bottle was that it has a much thicker consistency than 5-hour energy, a comparison that is only being made due to the shape of the container that Rave Juice comes in. The smell accompanying the liquid was neither good nor bad, so we all looked around the room, said salute and threw them down the hatch. The immediate consensus was that Rave Juice delivers a small punch, almost like a bite of initial carbonation, but immediately fades, leaving the consumers with what we determined to be a "Berry Blend"-ish like flavor. My biggest concern when trying out a new product like this is that it's going to leave me with a hideous aftertaste, and I'm quick to call anyone out, but was presently surprised and happy to tell you now that there was no chalky or medicine-like  lingering aftertaste, which gets a huge A+ in my book. Call us crazy, but  about 10 minutes after consuming Rave Juice there was a general consensus among test subjects (one person acting as the control) that they were experiencing a slight energy boost, as well increased brain activity (such as the return of a more proliferate vocabulary without added strain). Now whether this should be attributed to the vitamins in Rave Juice or the 5-HTP we cannot honestly say. But what we can say, is that everyone who drank the Rave Juice ended up feeling better than those who didn't, and also went on to have a better performance in our flag football game later that day  ;). All in all, none of us at OTB are licensed M.D.'s, but we all had positive experience with rave juice and plan packing them in our suitcases next time we fly out to a festival. Want to try some? Head over to our facebook page where you can enter to win a 6-pack of Rave Juice simply by 'Liking" the picture that we have posted. Good Luck! And If you've had to the opportunity to try Rave Juice already, please let us know what you think about it in the comments section below. Cheers!  

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