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Friday, October 05, 2012


This week in Audio Therapy I'm reviewing one of my favorite artist's debut albums. You know him as Zedd, 23 year old German born  producer Anton Zaslavski has just released his debut full length album and boy is it a bomb for EDM. With the current saturation of dance music and its popularity blowing up around the world Zedd has managed not only to capture a whole genre of electronic music but also gather hundreds of thousands of fans which is rare for someone of his age. I've had a chance to listen through the album a few times now and  I can honestly say that the album is not leaving my car's CD player anytime soon. It seems like anymore when EDM artists release a full length its just a rehash of singles they've put out over the years, well not this album. This concept album will leave you with goosebumps.

The opening track, Hourglass feat. LIZ sets the tone for the rest of the album with its slow melodic intro. The ticking of the clock gets you excited and wondering what the rest of the album is going to sound like.

The second track Shave It Up is a single that has been released previously, but this time is retooled and remastered for the album with smooth transitions in and out of the track.  Shave It Up has that signature Zedd bass line that you will notice from a lot of his other tracks. I find the melody of Shave it Up to be very catchy, its a definite dance track. Flowing out of Shave it Up it transitions into Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma. Now this is the radio version of the song that has been out for a while now. Matthew's vocals really set the mood for this  track. It's been remixed heavily by some of the top artists in the world from Armin to Arty. This is one of the tracks he's produced a music video to go along with.

[youtube id="IsuVMdnF8A0" width="620" height="360"]

The forth track, Lost At Sea has a big vocal boost thanks to the likes of One Republic's Ryan Tedder. Lost At Sea is very radio friendly with the pop vocals, soothing almost.

The next track which is the title track, Clarity is by far my favorite song on the album. It has  everything from a catchy vocal line to really good buildups. You will notice a certain signature sound in it also thanks to Porter Robinson who co-produced this track with Zedd. The vocals are provided by an female artist named Foxes who I'm not familiar with. Clarity is the song you will end up skipping to after your first listen though its just that good.

More dirty bass lines are found on the next track titled Codec. This track is very "Zedd" in every aspect, has that complextro sound that we've come to associate with his music.

Not to let down on the facial hair theme, track number seven is titled Stache. I really enjoy this track, its very hyper and very has a gritty electro feel to it. Check out the video he has created for it below.

[youtube id="lw97SWRo70I" width="620" height="360"]

For Zedd's eight track he went all out and enlisted the help of both producer Lucky Date and pop singer extraordinaire Ellie Goulding. The track called Fall Into The Sky starts out with Ellie's iconic vocals immediately catching your ear. You can hear Lucky Date's influence in this song with the dirty electro-bass sound in the background.

I really enjoy the next track called Follow You Down. It features the vocals of female artist Heather Bright who goes by her performance name of Bright Lights. This song has a nice trance/pop feel to it. After a few listen through I was repeating this track in the car. It's different from the other songs on the album but in a great way. Rounding out the album Zedd's final song, track number ten is called Epos. This is a very appropriate track for the departure of Zedd's debut album. It features a little bit of all of Zedd's styles from the poppy electro sounds to his signature bass line to his buildups and drops. The end of the track finishes with the same ticking of the clock as you heard at the beginning, truly beautiful. If you couldn't tell by reading the review, I really really enjoyed this album. Zedd has taken a concept album which is risky in today's music market and set the bar high for an entire genre. This is not just a collection of tracks but rather a whole story beautiful narrated from one track to the next. I highly recommend you give this album a chance and purchase it. Zedd has done something really special and released the album for $7.99 which is a far cry from some of the 15-20 dollar releases we've seen as of late. Purchase - Facebook -