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This Week in Trance 005

This Week in Trance 005

The first track this week comes from one of my favorite trance producers of all time.  He's a master of uplifting, melodic composition and is one of the few remaining trance producers that has a distinguishable classic sound to their productions.  Jorn van Deynhoven's new release "Headliner" not only manages to capture that classical sound, but also features huge, aggressive basslines that make this new original track a serious dance floor smasher.

[youtube id="aNkxRX6Ifss" width="620" height="360"]Purchase on Beatport!

Prepare to have your ears ROCKED!!  This new remix from the Argentinian duo, Heatbeat, is nothing short of amazing.  These guys have been responsible for some of the most impressive remixes this year (and that's a bold statement).  Their remix of Paul Webster's "The Joker" was just released this week and I would encourage you all to go pick it up from Beatport - this is just one of those tracks that deserves it.  Make sure you rock it out at high volume!

[youtube id="QEn1BuVYiuE" width="620" height="360"]Purchase on Beatport!

Its really hard to dislike an Anjunabeats release.  They have a very high standard for trance production and their biggest critics are often their own.  Fresh off the press from Anjuna this week is a new original track called "Capetown" by Bluestone - it's very elegant and quite beautiful!   You can purchase it by following the link below.

[youtube id="sGYKkA-g7C0" width="620" height="360"]Purchase on Beatport!

Another Summer of Love Remix!?!?!  The duo of Myon and Shane 54 have been tearing it up.  This brand new remix of Aruna's "Save the Day" is pure vocal bliss.  This track has been getting some airtime on the major radio shows, but for the most part is relatively unknown.  It's definitely worth a listen.  Beatport purchase link below!

[youtube id="PKgqq-aq0FM" width="620" height="360"]Purchase on Beatport!

I'm a big fan of Ben Nicky and have been for a while - ever since his release of Jetstream.  He's got some serious talent and his new original tune, "Translate," demonstrates just that.  It was just released on Beatport October 8th.

[youtube id="E1GoQ4Zj-1k" width="620" height="360"]Purchase on Beatport!

For all you Coldharbor lovers, we've got an exciting new release this week.  I heard this track on GDJB a few weeks ago and have been watching for the release ever since.  Check out the 3rd Planet remix of Omnia's "Infina."  Definitely has a big-room, Coldharbor sound to it -- no unicorns in sight.  Also released October 8th on Beatport.

[youtube id="SFe1HP4Y470" width="620" height="360"]Purchase on Beatport!

 That's all for this week! Tune in every week for the hottest trance and progressive tunes all in one place.