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Who the f*ck is Al Wasler??

Friday, December 07, 2012

Last night the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced the contenders for this year's 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Veterans Deadmau5 and Skrillex made the list again, as well as many first time EDM artists including Tommy Trash, Nero, Photek, Steve Aoki and... Al Wasler?

With the massive boom of EDM in the US, I was excited to see what would be up for "Best Dance Recording." Of course we had the big leaguers and dance floor gods like Avicii, Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia, but at the bottom of the list was an unknown Liechtenstein producer by the name of Al Walser... Now it's not often there is a DJ I have not heard of, especially when they're Grammy nomination worthy, so I decided to investigate. To my shock and horror, this is what I found:

[youtube id="DKKnFaVMaig" width="620" height="360"]

I only had three words to say after watching this atrocious video... WHAT THE F*CK! There is absolutely no way this song was legitametly nominated for a Grammy Award, unless the committee members were deaf, dumb and blind. Not to mention this song was only released around a week before nominations were due in AND under 1,000 views on YouTube before the news broke, compared to his competitors like Skrillex's 'Bangarang' who has a cool 89 MILLION! But I decided that to make a fair conclusion to why this treachery to the EDM world had made it to the Grammy list, I needed to do further research. I looked up Al Walser on Facebook and found some extremely fishy, yet laughable things. First off, his 'About Me' on his personal Facebook account, which has a whopping 26 subscribers, claims it was created because his other account was full. Yet when I went to follow the link to this old account, it was broken. Coincidence? I think not. Then there is the biography.... I won't bore you with all of the poorly written "international entertainment mogul's" life details, but you are more than welcome to check it out for yourself HERE and make your own judgment. The one thing I did get from it though was that Wasler's only real claim to fame was a stint as part of Eurodance group Fun Factory, which had a limited amount of average hits in the 90's.

And if you think his terrible talent stops at his own music, he is also CEO of Cut The Bull Entertainment, with the record label's most prized artists being the Glamour Girls, the sexiest DJ's in the WORLD. Bold statement? Decide for yourself. LOL.

[youtube id="TDpxjtk2eP8" width="620" height="360"]

So what the hell is Wasler doing with the likes of these multi-platinum artists? The blog suggested that Walser scored it by spamming Grammy365, social networking for Academy members. The only other option I could muster was this guy paid. A LOT. But who knows! He also claims to be a Grammy voting and nominating member (yet to be proven).

Do you want to know what makes me angriest about all of this? As we speak, all of these online rants and articles are MAKING HIM FAMOUS... Thank you to the Academy for giving another heinous and untalented human unnecessary publicity.

  UPDATE: Dubstep.Net did a live stream with the man himself on December 6. Honestly this interview hasn't changed my opinion in the slightest. The song still sucks. But decide for yourself here:

[youtube id="gEtZ3-RzeTo" width="620" height="360"]