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Morgan Page Review at Yost Theater February 17, 2013

Wednesday, March 06, 2013
Kathrina Maribao

I first fell in love with Morgan Page when I landed upon his upbeat track "Body Work" featuring Tegan and Sara sometime back in the summer of 2012 and since then many of his hits have been some of my personal favorite EDM tracks of all time. His has such an incredible ability to create tracks that leave a lingering resonance in my mind; it's so easy to get the melody and lyrics engrained in your head and it's not too long after that that you find yourself singing along! With that being said, it would be a bit of an understatement to say that I was excited to see him live for the first time at one of my favorite venues Yost Theater. I was extremely ecstatic with a mix of anxiety and joy knowing that I'd finally hear some of my favorite songs live! It's essentially any EDM's enthusiasts dream! Due to my lack of knowledge that he was scheduled to perform at 11:15pm, I arrived late. Usually when seeing an artist, you expect a pre show and build up your own anticipation until the main headliner begins spinning which is usually around midnight, so any other event I would've been on time. As a result of this, it was almost difficult for me to grasp that Morgan Page was spinning right when I entered the dance floor but of course, I just let the music do the talking and let my body move accordingly.

Some of my favorite moments with Morgan was when he dropped mixes of "Llove" by Kaskade, "Apologize" by OneRepublic, and "Longest Road" by his truly! It was not just the song choice that got the crowd excited, but the way he was able to mix the tracks to maintain their recognizable foundations and also turn them into what seemed like brand new songs! It takes a special ear and a creative mind to do this successfully and Morgan Page certainly has both! I believe many of us are aware of that EDM moment when the DJ plays that one song you have been dying to hear live for so long and once he does, you lift off into a pure state of bliss that nothing and no one can take you down for cloud 9. That's exactly what happened when Morgan Page spun a mix of "Body Work" and "Reload" by Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash done by Stereologic. From then on I could have cared less what happened for the rest of the night! I have only heard "Reload" live because I did not know what the song was called until recently; on the other hand, I've only heard "Body Work" through my own means so to hear these two songs mashed together blew my mind! It's a similar feeling to when an long time old friend finally meets one of your new closest friends; two things you love colliding in a way that can only mean good things for yourself.

After seeing Morgan Page for the first time and being pleasantly surprised with his set, I am most certainly will be seeing him again in the near future. The only question is will that experience be able to top this one? photo credit: Taylor Lane