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Tritonal - Metamorphic I

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tritonal - Metamorphic - EP - OTB - Only The Beat It is finally here. The Austin based duo Tritonal has released their latest EP, Metaphoric I. Tritonal has been having a phenominal year, even recently making an appearance at Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 600: The Expedition in Miami. However, ASOT600MIA isn't the only big news for the thriving trance duo. They also have launched their new radio show, now named Tritonia (in honor of all the Tritonians out there). To top it all off, they released Metamorphic I which features three new and impressive tracks. Let's dive into "Bring Me Home" ft. Meredith Call first. Bring Me Home is another beautiful Tritonal production that has a very BT feel to it. Tritonal fans will find the sweeping melodic chords and soft yet powerful female vocals very familiar. However, there is a much stronger string presence here. In almost a classical fashion, it seems Dave and Chad have let their inner composer out... and it is awesome. We here at Only The Beat can't wait to hear what they do with this track when it comes to remixes. Do we hear another "Still With Me" style remix on the horizon? We really, really hope so. But the "epic" doesn't stop here. Let's listen to "Deep Into Black" featuring Underdown next. The powerful, long chords grow in intensity until they burst into a blizzard of M83 style vocal stabs and massive sounds that would fit nicely in a Red Bull commercial. In other words, this song is EPIC. Again we can't wait to hear what Tritonal does with this track. It is already amazing, and yet it has so much potential for remixes. We will undoubtedly see some incredible remixes (Seven Lions maybe?) come out of this one. But wait, there's more.

What happens if you combine crystal clear professional vocals, piercing trance hooks, W&Wish driving grooves, and a Seven Lions-like breakdown? You get "Bullet That Saved Me." This track is combines some of the best elements of today's trance tracks into one floor pounding banger. The vocals have get stuck in your head, the builds leave you craving more, and the drop will make you dance. Trust us. This is a track that will be in not only Tritonal's sets for many shows to come, but other DJ's as well.

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