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Local Digs | Top Clubs in Orange County

Thursday, May 09, 2013
Kathrina Maribao

When it comes to clubbing, Orange County may make your face cringe a bit since Los Angeles is nearby, and LA is a busy hub for the EDM scene. Plus, it's the city of angels; we all know that things are just always happening in LA. However, for those who live in the bourgeoisie areas of Orange County (yes, you can think of the tv show, "The OC" or "Laguna Beach")  may not want to drive forty minutes to Los Angeles to have a good time, especially if you aren't looking for a specific DJ and just want to dance to good music and let loose. Here are three clubs that you can check out to satisfy your cravings for EDM without sacrificing much of your time or gallons of gas.



It just so happens that this little venue, situated in Newport Beach near the John Wayne airport, is a restaurant by day, house club at night. With cover fees ranging from less than $20 to free, there's no reason not to check out Tapas if you have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night for what they call "Focus," aka house night.

Due to it's extremely intimate setting and extremely loud, base throbbing sound system, you can literally feel the music move through you in all the best ways, especially if you stand right next to the 10 feet tall base system. It feels like the music is massaging your body and boy, does it feel good! A few other quirks about Tapas is that they do play deep house music which can be palatable to EDM enthusiasts who may not be particularly used to the style. One of the local favorites and resident DJ's Josh Billings spins there often and is sure to give you a great time with his smooth transitions and unexpected base add-ins.

One thing is for certain: you will be dancing and dancing none-the-less! Tapas is a favorite spot for local dancers as well, and you may be lucky to witness different styles of dance that are considered fundamentals such as housing, wacking, breaking, popping, and even swing dancing. All things considered, if you are bored on a Tuesday night, go to Tapas, grab yourself a dollar taco and beer, and enjoy the good vibes and even better music!


Also located in Newport Beach area, Sutra is placed in a slightly awkward spot amongst a Yard House, shopping center and a few random bars. Nevertheless, this little club seems to grab top EDM artists such as Porter Robinson, Dash Berlin, Chuckie, W&W and much, much more! Cover prices aren't too bad ($20-$30) considering the DJ's you are seeing and due to the intimate setting, it's nice to get the chance to get up close and personal with your favorite DJ's! However, don't expect to be treated like a human being when you come here. Based off my own experience, management was poor, drinks were expensive, and it was extremely crowded. You are there for the DJ and the music, nothing else. Although Sutra has only a 2.5 rating on Yelp, it's pretty impressive that they can get such great artists to come to their venue and again, if you don't want to drive up to LA for what would probably be a similar experience, then Sutra is a great option.

Morgan Page Yost Theater

 Yost Theater

Okay, if I didn't have to go into detail, I would just say that I LOVE Yost Theater, and leave it at that. However, you all deserve to know why it's worth going to and how much fun you're going to have! Yost Theater is located in downtown Santa Ana in a little, quaint plaza that is lovely at night. The last time I went there was for Morgan Page, but I have gone to see Nervo, where they shot their video for "Like Home," and Shogun as well in which all shows were amazing! If you're having EDM withdrawals, this is the place to go because everyone else is there for the same reasons; therefore, the entire audience is on the same page and the vibes are very similar, if not the same, to what you would feel at a festival! In fact, on certain nights the PLUR community is very vibrant and alive at Yost Theater, and this is something you do not want to miss if you are in Orange County! All-in-all, Orange County isn't particularly known for it's EDM community, but if you're looking for a place to just be carefree and get your groove on for a night, then Tapas, Sutra, and the Yost Theater are all adequate choices to fulfill your inner cravings for dance music that we all love to love! [youtube id="6agp_W-rqgQ" width="620" height="360"]

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