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Lights, Music, Sound and the EDM Generation

Thursday, May 30, 2013

As the latest writer for OTB, I’d like to introduce myself:  my name is Dom, I hail from Seattle, drink coffee as much as you’d expect and I love anything and everything electro/dub/glitch/any genre that you can slap– step on the end of.  I live for festival season (Paradiso anyone?!?) and try to make it to as many shows as humanly possible without going shit broke. One of my favorite parts of seeing EDM artists live is not only the sound but the visuals as well.  Artists like Pretty Lights, Infected Mushroom, Feed Me and the like who have created stunning custom displays filled with LEDs and perfectly-timed transitions are sure to be crowd pleasers among any group of electronic music fans you encounter.  If you've seen these artists, you know.  You can’t forget the never ending spectrum of colors, the movement of lasers that anticipates the buildup and how you and your friends all looked at each other, eyes and mouths open wide with surprise as the drop hits and you’re bombarded with swirling shapes that move with the beat of the music. What I just described up there? I love that moment. But, there is a problem…I’m short as hell. Like, incredibly short. When I shimmy my way into the stage area before a show starts, I’m greeted by a sea full of your arm pits, flashing glow necklaces and block letter tank tops at my eye level.  It’s likely that someone gigantically tall will end up in front of me, no matter which way I move.  You all spend the concert seeing every single part of the stage, including the DJ.  Yes, I can get on your shoulders, tall man, but that will only last a short while until security motions for me to get down. However, I will have a completely unique experience compared to the tall folk.  Being blocked from what most of the crowd is able to see really gives me a chance to look at what others around me are doing, and reminds me of why this genre has provided our Millennial generation with a positive outlet to bond and grow together. While you are all watching the stage the entire time, I take a few minutes to watch all of you groovin', hugging each other and just enjoying the moment together.  I see the bro fist bumps, I hear the kind words exchanged among both friends and strangers and in that moment I am able to close my eyes and connect with the music surrounding us. So before you head to your next show and think about taking some substance that may intensify your experience (DON’T DO DRUGS, THEY ARE BAD!), head into the crowd, look at those around you, then close your eyes and immerse yourself in the culture that has exploded within our generation.  Do it even if it's just for a few minutes, and be happy knowing that you've all come together for this very moment. After that, I advise you give your friends a pat on the back, wait for the drop and dance your ass off like it’s no tomorrow because you’re here, you’re alive and you’re happy. It’s also advised that at this point, all the shorties like me make their way to the front because hey, that really is the only way we’ll get a good view from the crowd, and it’s worth it.