Article | Onlythebeat

I often like to live by the philosophy that two is better than one.  One thing that electronic dance music has brought to the industry are amazing collaborations between artists.  I’ve seen it more often in this genre than any other, where two (or more!) of the world’s most amazing DJs will come together to create some amazing shit.  You never saw that as much with pop, rock or hip-hop, and I think this has to do with the mutual respect (for the most part) within artists in the EDM community. New groups have even come together; Skrillex & Boys Noize created Dog Blood, a mixture of hard drops, quick electro beats and even a little hip-hop to boot.  GriZ and Gramatik (cleverly dubbed Grizmatik) take soulful electro by storm with their new track “Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom.”  The amazing duo of Marty Party and The Glitch Mob’s OOAH, who created the sensual and trappy PANTy RAiD.  Of course, how could we forget about the superstar trifecta of Axwell, Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso of the former Swedish House Mafia (RIP SHM). These groups don’t even account for the thousands of single song collabs which include some of the most popular tracks in the EDM genre.  “Zero 76” (Tiesto and Hardwell), “No Beef” (Steve Aoki and Afrojack), “Tuna Melt” (A-Trak and Tommy Trash), and “Animal Rights” (Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner) just to name a few. The beauty about this genre is that there are absolutely no limits; there are no limits on what kind of music to make, and who to make it with.  Who would have ever thought that rock music (especially old school rock n’ roll) combined with electronic beats would actually sound pretty good?  I remember the first time I heard Skrillex’s “Breakn a Sweat” with the Doors, I was blown away.  The rumors about their collaborative track created a lot of speculation, but they definitely delivered. Other rock/EDM collabs have gained popularity, like Deadmau5 and the Foo Fighters (who played together at the 2012 Grammys) and KoRn’s ENTIRE album “The Path of Totality” which features a menage of dubstep including Noisia, Skrillex, Excision, Kill The Noise, Downlink, Feed Me, 12th Planet and Flinch.  These aren’t my favorite tracks to say the least, but I’m very intrigued by how these two genres work so well together. Of course, less we forget the good old Top 40 pop collaborations.  They’re not my favorite, but damn, I’ll admit they’re catchy.    Afrojack and Chris Brown, Zedd and Foxes, Calvin Harris and every pop singer alive, and of course David Guetta and every pop singer alive.  The pop collaborations are becoming ever more frequent, popping up on the radio like a shitty, uninvited guest at your party.  They're so overplayed on the radio that even though I think Clarity is such a beautiful song, I turn the station the minute I hear it come on. I'm including remixes down here so you guys can get something a little different than the usual radio play. :) The rise of EDM has brought everyone into the mix; it’s safe to say that it’s the fastest growing music genre in our country and everyone’s looking to be a part of it.  I have a number of negative things that I could say about this, but at the same time, it’s pretty cool.  Artists are coming in from all angles of the music spectrum and are looking to work with DJs to make the next big hit.  Granted, a lot of them suck (Avicii’s new track, in my humble and blunt opinion), but we’ll see where it goes. I’d love to see some new hip-hop collaborations in the future.  “Wild for the Night” with A$AP Rocky and Skrillex has been a song that I’ve been jamming to at work and the influence of trap I think will attract many more hip hop artists (anyone ready to collaborate with Trinidad James yet?)