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Can Google Loon Change EDM?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

google-1363218475-1363265119 While we love to keep you guys up -to-date with the latest EDM news we also what to inform you with the technology that has the potential to change EDM music. Google is testing out balloon technology that will send balloons into the upper reaches of the atmosphere that will provide free internet to rural areas. What may that mean for EDM music? Well by bringing internet to underprivileged areas EDM will be able to spread to areas of the world who have not had the opportunity to discover the "ballooning" genre.


By floating specially designed balloons through the stratosphere, Google predicts that it can provide people in underserved parts of the globe with reliable Internet access. According to Google, the balloons will fly at twice the height of commercial aircraft. This should allow the company to direct the balloons with some predictability, as the air currents at such heights are relatively constant and slower moving than those closer to the earth. Google plans to create a network of such balloons in the sky, according to the Wall Street Journal. The network of baloons will send and receive signals exclusive to each other, filtering out all other signals and thus increasing reliability and speed. The balloons also run completely on solar power, and the company plans on landing them periodically in specific areas to recycle parts.

Good deeds and good business

In Google’s video explaining the project, the company notes that only one in two people around the world have access to the Internet. In many parts of the world, the ratio is far smaller. The advantages to worldwide access for the earth’s population are obvious. Imagine all the people who would be able to log on and add their opinions about music, or shows for that matter! However, the success of the project would yield obvious business benefits to Google as well. Google makes money from ad revenue. The more people that go online and use Google products, the more money the company makes. This is why the Loon project, according to Forbes, is far more important to Google than its more popular efforts like driverless cars and Glass.

Increased access

Loon is not Google’s only project intended to increase Internet access. Google Fiber is another effort by the company to improve the infrastructure of its users, one that is in the works right here at home. Google has already laid fiber in Kansas City, and has plans to create a Google Fiber network in Austin as well. Fiber has been around for some time now, garnering rave reviews from those lucky enough to live in an area where it is available. It is much slower to develop due to the effort required to lay cable in each area. Loon, in contrast, offers Google the ability to create a network much more quickly.


Google just launched its first test run of Loon in New Zealand recently, with a handful of balloons and only a small window of connectivity. Google states that the effort was intended to test the waters for further launches, and that it will use the test to gather data for larger efforts.

A world connected

I think we sometimes take for granted how lucky we are to have reliable internet access and more importantly the opportunity to discover new music. EDM is a fusion of different genres. By allowing people with a different taste in music we open up the opportunity for young generations in underprivileged areas to not only discover EDM but, perhaps produce their own style of music. Hopefully Google's latest venture takes flight and the next Above & Beyond is developed in area where internet is curenntly unreliable :)