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Production Tips with Das Nibley: Avoiding Automation Headaches

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hey there, Das Nibley back again with your weekly Wednesday production tip. This week we will look at one of my favorite tips for avoiding automation headaches with your final mixdowns.

Using Automation 

We all know the importance of using automation on your tracks to give your sound a sense of movement and variance, but automation can be an annoyance if you have to adjust the overall output levels of it later in the mixing process. While you could just highlight all or portions of it and adjust from there, this can become very tedious after awhile.


 *(Btw: Did you know you can now have curved automation in Ableton 9 by holding down the alt/option key, clicking the line between two automation points and dragging it up or down? Sweet!)

My suggestion is to map your automation output to a device or control on the track chain other than the overall track volume (I.e. a compressor’s output at the end of a chain or the Gain on a Utility (see last week's tip!).

Ableton tipsAbleton tips

This will allow you have control over track volume throughout the entire mixing process and is sure to save you much time and stress over the course of future productions! Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment, message, tweet or contact me in any way with questions or suggestions for future tips.