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The Boobypack - Holds Boobs...and Other Things

Friday, August 16, 2013


As a long-time festival goer I've always struggled with where I'm going to put my phone/ID/credit card/lip balm, and whatever other essentials I 'needed' when heading to a show. For the last 7 years I'd resorted to being an avid fannypack girl, or simply shoving whatever I could fit in my pockets and bra (purses just weren't an option with how much dancing I'd be doing). And then, as if it were fate, someone showed me the Boobypack. [youtube id="GprtLktdp_o" width="620" height="360"] Immediately enthralled, and even more curious, we reached out to the wonderful team at Boobypack and asked to try one out. I couldn't believe that something so simple and so brilliant could work, especially for me since I'm a 'bustier' girl than most. A few short days later my Boobypack arrived in the mail and it was only a matter of time before I could put it to good use.


 That special time came just recently when I was headed to a day EDM show. Below is the list of pros and cons I came up with:


  • Durability - the fact that it's waterproof was a huge selling point (the actual Boobypack, not my cellphone inside it)
  • Comfort
  • Aesthetically pleasing - while there are currently only 7 colors they're all adorable and chosen perfectly to accentuate your tan
  • Adjustable - perfect for girls of all sizes


Obviously this isn't everyday wear, and you have to have the right stomach to pull it off, but honestly it was hard for me to find any serious drawbacks. It came out of the package exactly how it looked in the pictures, it held all my crap (for lack of a better word), and my hands and arms were free to dance the night away.


Overall wearing the Boobypack was a solid positive experience. I only wish I had discovered this sooner when I was making the festival rounds as it would have been a must-have, but you can bet I'll find a reason to break it out again in the near future.

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