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The 7 Most Successful Teen DJs and What You Can Learn From Them

Bored? Surfing The Web?

The majority of readers of this post will be individuals just like myself; the twenty-something who is bored and web-surfing during a lull in his or her entry-level work day. We are listening to our Spotify recently starred songs on low volume and figuring out how much more money we need to save for GA tickets for the next big music festival we want to attend. We are beginning to act on the plans we’ve made to create the perfect lives for ourselves in the future.

Teenagers Are Hitting #1 on Beatport

As if the average Generation Y young adult didn’t feel self-conscious and concerned for the future enough, we are faced with the publicized fact that our new favorite producers are becoming younger and younger now that the technology to make and distribute electronic music is so widely available. Teenagers are hitting #1 on Beatport and become set for future greatness. These DJs are not only younger than us, but earning our years’ salary in a fraction of the time that we spend waiting tables or filing papers in our boring nine-to-five starter positions. At their age, we were trying to figure out how to sneak out of our parents’ houses and making decisions for post-high-school graduation. In contrast, these remarkable teens are planning international tours and trying to decide which record label they want to sign to.

1) Martin Garrix, DOB: May 14, 1996

Boasting a track that hit #1 on Beatport about a month after his 17th birthday, Martin Garrix has been appearing on hard-hitting tracks for more than a year now. He’s now playing festivals around the world and DJing nightclubs that he can’t even legally drink at yet.

2) XXYYXX, DOB: October 31, 1995 Marcel Everett, who produces under the alias XXYYXX, is known for his signature minimal, ambient sound. His breakout music video for “About You” features slow-mo shots of girls exhaling smoke and it pretty much made me feel like I was tripping out when I watched it all the way through. He’s played the Boiler Room and collaborated with artists like Trinidad James all before his 18th birthday.

3) Madeon, DOB: May 30, 1994 With a residency at the prestigious Wynn nightclubs in Las Vegas and playing major festivals internationally, 19-year-old Madeon has done extraordinarily well for himself. He signed to Ultra and Colombia Records and is currently working with Lady Gaga on her upcoming album.

4) Hucci, DOB: January 20, 1996 Ollie Hucci is a trap DJ and producer from the UK whose sounds are often used for festival and club performances by trap kings such as RL Grime, Baauer, and Flosstradamus. He has been featured on BBC Radio 1 and tours all over Europe while collaborating with artists such as Stooki Sound.

5) Danny Avila, DOB: April 6, 1995 Spanish sensation, Danny Avila, is currently the youngest DJ to boast a residency at Las Vegas’ Hakkasan nightclub. With humble beginnings at the age of TWELVE DJing for friends’ parties, to pumping up clubs in Ibiza, to all of his current international shows—Danny Avila is sure to have an even brighter future ahead.

6) Alex Young, DOB: November 13, 1996


Trap DJ Alex Young’s tracks have been heard during the Diplo & Friends radio show on BBC Radio 1 and is rumored to be collaborating with Flosstradamus on some upcoming tracks. The ultra-trendy teen can be grouped among the most entertaining DJ online personas such as his colleagues Dillon Francis and Ryan Hemsworth. The humorous producer’s Twitter bio reads: “16 and pregnant.”

7) Wondagurl, December 28, 1996

Producing “Crown” on Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” is Wondagurl’s claim to fame. The 16-year-old Canadian producer was first picked up by Travi$ Scott who became her link to the man, Hova. She has produced a number of hip-hop tracks including Travi$ Scott’s “Uptown” and has been in talks with Drake to help produce his upcoming album.

So What Can We Learn From Them?

The fact that teenagers are beginning to break into the music scene so quickly and successfully is an inspiration to a twenty-something such as myself. Knowing that kids who aren’t permitted to drink alcohol or even make their own legal decisions in the U.S. are becoming so wildly popular for their work gives the rest of us some hope. If someone can make such an impact on the world of music and art at such a young age, why can’t the rest of us do the same? While we’re all still a bit jealous that these teens have made a name for themselves a few years before the rest of us have, it gives us an inspirational reminder that the seemingly impossible is actually tangible—and with a little luck and a lot of hard work, we can accomplish whatever the hell we want to do.