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9 Videos of Calvin Harris You\'ve Never Seen

Friday, September 06, 2013

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when someone says Calvin Harris? Platinum-selling producer? Guinness World Record holder? Filthy rich DJ? How about hilariously clever video personality extraordinare? I came across one of these videos awhile ago on YouTube and have since been on a mission for more. I had to spend a long time searching far into the depths of the internet to find these precious jewels and it left me wondering, why would these fantastic videos ever be deleted?? And by whom?? It turns out Calvin used to have a video series called Jam TV and also released a bunch of videos around his Ready For The Weekend release, yet all of the videos have since been removed. So we found as many as we could and put them together in this post for your viewing pleasure. Calvin, if you read this, please bring back the videos...

Calvin Harris and Some Everyday Objects

Calvin Harris Fly Eyes

Ever wonder how Calvin Harris made his "fly eyes?" Well now you know. REMOVED

Calvin Harris Shows Off His Crib

Calvin Harris Jam TV Episode 1

Turns out Calvin had a whole series of these with a slew of special guests, including Katy Perry, which were later deleted :(

Calvin Harris Reveals His Tips on Eating Cereal

Calvin Harris in the 80s

Calvin Harris talks about his first-ever track and his experience of the 80s...

Calvin Harris Shows Off His Gallery

Calvin Harris' Popjustice Christmas Countdown: Day 4

Apparently at one point there were 24 of these, now you can only find about 8. I'll spare you from watching them all, but the one below should give you a good taste.

Calvin Harris - Humanthesizer - the first human synth

This video pays true tribute to the hot nerd Calvin Harris really is. If any of you Calvin Harris lovers out there have more of these bombastic 'old' videos to share, be a pal and do so in the comment box below!