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Above & Beyond, Charles Manson: One and the same? Ban EDM Thinks So

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Ban EDM Now

So, yeah. This is happening. Above & Beyond, yeah the guys who affectionately call their shows "Group Therapy" and remind their fans to say I love you, are being compared to Charles Manson. This is being done by a group calling itself "Ban EDM now" led by Jessica Beedle from 'Mother's Against Molly.' It has all the trappings of a sick joke, but also manages to have just enough barbs to be considered sensationalist propaganda. With the recent light being shined on our community being so dark in nature, it is imperative that we don't allow those who are ignorant to sully our good name. For reference, here is a small snippet of what they had to say:


It's time to take control of the conversation

Luckily in this case the accusations lobbed are so ridiculous that they can be quickly dismissed. If Tony, Paavo, and Jono were the monsters that they are accused of being, would people propose during their sets?

above and beyond proposal

 It is sad that outsiders are coming and attacking us during what should be a time of mourning and self-reflection, however it also brings to light how important it is during these trying times for our community to unite and defend what we love, particularly from outsiders who refuse to understand what we stand for, and instead are quick to vilify us and our heroes as depressed, dangerous drug addicts who need to be stopped at all costs. Now is the time to stand and make our voices heard, to fight back against these misconceptions and to restore a light to our sanctuary. Dance music is the defining sound of our generation, and it is up to us to take control of the conversation and decide how history will remember us.

Raves are where I go to be... me

By having these conversations with our friends, our families, our co-workers and anybody who will listen, we can show the world what rave culture really means to us. The friendship, love and lifelong connections forged by a shared love of music and dance. The lives saved by songs reaching out to desperate people during their darkest of days. The feelings of peace and unity that can only be felt when thousands of people gather for a unified purpose, those moments when you truly feel as if you share a united state of consciousness. Yes, drugs exist in our culture and it seems likely that they always will, however from the outside that is all they choose to see. The truth is that drugs are but a tiny sliver of what draws throngs of young Americans to raves every weekend. The truth is that we are a generation who have grown up knowing nothing but war who are falling over each other to be a part of a culture that is filled with peace and love, a generation raised behind computer screens yearning for a reason to gather and connect with one another in a world that increasingly grows cold and distant. I have seen many people describe raves as an escape, but I believe the opposite is true. I think of raves as my home, somewhere I can go to spent time with my family, somewhere free of judgement where I can be happy and protected from all of the chaos of the outside world. Raves are where I go to be me, and I for one refuse to sit here idly while people try and take that away from me. [Tweet "Raves are where I go to be... me"]

A call to action

Throughout history, it has been common for previous generations to be confused by the music of newer generations, and this lack of understanding is often met with disapproval, or even hostility. Parents forbid their children from watching Elvis Presley on television. There  was a time when there were anti-Beatles protests and their albums were being burned in the streets. It is important not to let the distrust and anger of others change how we feel, to influence what we know to be true in our hearts. We may not be able to have an effect what the national media thinks, but we can spread the positivity of our scene to those around them, and show the world that the accusations laid at our feet are unjust and untrue. I see this as a call to action, and I hope some of you feel the same. Written by Aeryn Coss