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The 10 Best DJ Instagrams & Vines You Should Be Following

In light of how much we use social media, it's only appropriate to guide our glorious fans to the best of what the DJ world has to offer us on the internet.  This obviously includes clips of new music, a peek into their personal lives, a LOT off ass-shaking and all-around hilarity.  I've also added the top five Vines to follow because VINE ISN'T DEAD YET, PEOPLE!  I promise :) Do you agree with my list?  Probably not.  Voice your feedback in the comments section below...I need a few more names to add to my social media creeping list.


Doctor P

I met Doctor P for an interview a while back, and he's a pretty soft spoken guy, but one of those soft spoken guys who is HILARIOUS.  If there's a weird meme or image that you haven't come across on the interwebs yet, Doctor P will surely have posted it.  He definitely uses it as more of a personal account than to showcase his shows, and it's always so awesome to get insight into DJs lives.  Hey, DJs...they're people too!  I also can't handle that he has the cutest kid EVER.


Dance music fans, meet the DJ world's biggest goof: A-Trak.  This Canadian has more than just a few laughable photos and videos, especially a number of amazing throwback pictures that sometimes date back to over a decade ago.  You'll also be able to stay up to date on a lot of his upcoming shows, which is really convenient.  My favorite as of late?  A random video of him leading a llama around.  Also check out his travel spinoff  "Infinite Legroom" for some sweet travel tips.

Calvin Harris

If you haven't seen our post about Calvin Harris videos you've probably never seen, check that out, then go to his Instagram for even more hilarity.  I have to admit that half the time I'm scrolling through his photos and videos, I'm having a giant WTF moment but can't stop laughing.  He also loves playing around with a number of filters outside Instagram, posting some trippy, over-saturated photos.  If you dig sexy men, Harris also posts a lot of awesome (and drool-worthy) headshots.  He's got a sense of humor, an accent, AND he's beautiful.  Calvin, if you're reading me.  Just don't tell Rita.

Dillon Francis

I don't really know what I'm supposed to say here honestly, because if you're reading this and you like dance music and you haven't seen Dillon Francis' Instagram live under a rock.  You have to.  The way I've always thought of Dillon is the "little brother of the DJ world" or possibly the "kid in school that was always fucking around during class" because he really is the Class Clown of the EDM world.  Dillon Francis' Instagram has actually gotten me to the point where I am crying from laughing so hard.  Sometimes, if we're lucky, Dillon's German friend DJ Hanzel takes over his Instagram account and things become even more ridiculous.  My recommendation? Drunk cooking with Dillon Francis.  I've yet to find out if he's actually drunk or not, but if not, he's pretty convincing.  Also popular?  Messing with his cat, Mittens. And if you'd like to see where it all started (including the first post from DJ Hanzel), check out Dillon Francis' Vine. He doesn't post as often over there anymore, but his Vine is a goldmine for classic Dillon antics.


For the love of God I feel like this needs even less of an explanation than Dillon Francis.  Dubbed by many as the "king of twerk," Diplo has more asses (NSFW) on his Instagram than any other profile I've ever seen, especially now  when he's hosted "Express Yourself" contests to give free concert tickets to the best ass shakers around the country.  It's pretty easy for him to get girls all over the world to show off their booty shaking skills; I find Diplo to be one of the most handsome male specimens in the DJ world.  Naturally, one of the most beautiful men in the world can also take part in making one of the most beautiful children in the world, like his adorable son Lockett.  It's kind of hilarious to see half naked women and cute kids on the same Instagram page, honestly.  You also have to laugh at his sarcastic use of the hashtag #sufferingfromsuccess because you know that if Diplo was actually going to flaunt something seriously, he would.  Head here to keep up with his group work in Major Lazer, or at Walshy Fire/Jillionaire's pages too.

BONUS: Kitty Lights

WHO DOESN'T LIKE CUTE CATS ON THE INTERNET? If you don't, please smack yourself immediately.  Derek Smith (also known as Pretty Lights) and his longtime girlfriend Krystle have two adorable Scottish Folds (yes, it's a kind of cat) who join them on their travels and I adore that there is an entire Instagram account devoted to them.


Kill The Noise

Jake Stanczak (Kill The Noise) makes the most of his 6 second Vines by taking advantage of his poor cat (though hilarious), showing us some teasers of his new music and catching a few hilarious moments on video.  The best part about DJs on Vine is that they're able to share new music that they're working on with fans, but not giving away too long of a preview.  It's the perfect length for a teaser than makes you keep wanting to hear more, and Kill The Noise picks the perfect six second preview to get his fans super stoked.

Bro Safari

The dudes of Bro Safari fill their Vine account with awesome drops for new songs, hilarious revines, and even an attempt to vacuum up giant cockroaches?  Southern-based Knick Weiller always finds a way to be super goofy and also make a fun Vine to share with us such as a rousing trip to the Australian zoo!  Be sure to stay tuned to this Vine for new music teasers; he posts them pretty often.


I feel that social media gives us the ability to get to know our favorite celebrities and musical artists on a more personal level (sort of...), and CASPA is no execption.  I love his music, but really had no idea about what went on in his personal life...until Vine.  And it's awesome.  He likes to drink, I like to drink. We share so many fun interests! Like...dubstep!  Yay!  Song previews!  Yay!  To top it off, his dad is hilarious.


I have to say that I was expecting a ton of #bootyforborgore on his Vine, but I guess that's best left to Twitter (for the love of God, don't click on that if you're in the office).  Flip through Borgore's Vine feed to see a few shots from shows, but mostly a lot of debauchery including rafts, golf clubs and more.  The other DJs better watch out, because Borgore is going to get into your green room and steal your champagne.  

Steve Aoki

I will admit that a lot of Steve Aoki's Vines are him jumping around on stage DJing, but he's got some pretty great stuff on his account.  There really is something about people getting nailed in the face with a cake that just doesn't get old.  Also, it's a plus that he has multiple Vines a day which keeps social media-obsessed people like myself entertained throughout the day.  But really, there are a lot of jumping DJing Vines, which can get a bit old if you're looking for something a little more entertaining.  He's a riot though, especially in this Vine with his bulldog, Coco.