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The 5 People We All Hate at EDM Shows

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

5 People We All Hate at EDM Shows

We've all been there. Enjoying an amazing show by a world renowned DJ embracing all the music and lights and having the time of our lives when all of a sudden, someone has to ruin our fun. I've been going to shows and festivals for years now and I can pretty much say that over the past few years with the obvious popularity growth that EDM has reached recently, it comes with a price. I had this epiphany when I attended  Electric Daisy Carnival this summer- the festival of all festivals and I expected to be surrounded by happy music loving people- but I was so wrong. The king of trance, Armin van Buuren was kicking off an unbelievable set accompanied by fireworks and special effects when the awkward guy who wasn't dancing next to me  turns and asks, "who is this guy?". More people aren't going to music festivals for the music, but going for all the wrong reasons and making us all mad.I've seen a repeat of these kinds of people at several shows and festivals over the recent months.

5. UndeRagers

These sixteen year olds sneak in and use their older brother's and sisters ID's to get into shows and frankly cause more problems then fun. I get it, you want to see your favorite DJ but usually these are the ones who can't act responsibly and who overdo it with the tutus.


4. Aggressive Mask Bros

I understand that one of the best parts of going to a music festival is dressing however you feel like, but you don't need to scare everyone while doing it. Aren't those things hard to breathe also?


3. Crying/Whining Girls 

Nobody likes taking care of your friends when they can't handle a show and especially when it's a girl who whines the entire time and usually says something like, "Omg Swedish House Mafia is like my favorite DJ ever!"....

2. Moshers

I have been bumped, pushed and shoved WAY too many times to count. What is the point of assaulting the audience... does that make the music better for you?

1. The Clueless/Awkward Guy

This person is the worst of all worsts and usually stands in the middle not knowing what's going on and brings bad vibes to the crowd. If ya can't dance....don't come.

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