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The Addams Family | EDM Edition

In true Halloween spirit we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite Halloween-esque characters and find their DJ counterparts. First up, we've broken down the lovable ghoulish group from the Addams Family using an array of various types of artists that we think fit the bill.

EDM Addams FamilySydney Blu - Morticia

These foxy ladies not only look incredibly similar, but they also both ooze independence and a strong female vibe. If Morticia were to listen to EDM, I think Sydney Blu would definitely be her style.

Uncle Fester - Orjan Nilsen

No offense to Orjan, I love the man, but him and Uncle Fester have a striking resemblance. I wonder if he put a lightbulb in his mouth it would light up...

Wednesday - Audrey Napoleon

Audrey Napoleon is a woman of many masks, producer, DJ, model and actress. Maybe a role as a grown-up Wednesday is in her near future.

Puglsey - Flux Pavilion

These blonde chubby-cheeked cuties could have been separated at birth. I wonder if Pugsley would drop the bass as hard as his DJ counterpart...

Grandma Addams - David Guetta

The long untamed hair is all it takes to make Guetta the perfect Grandma Addams, but don't expect her to knock Armin out of the No. 1 spot anytime soon.

Lurch - Nicky Romero

Not only is Nicky Romero one of the most talented DJs on the scene, but with his staggering height and defined jawbone he also makes a pretty damn good Lurch.

 Cousin It - Bassnectar

You never really know what's going on under that mop of hair. If Cousin It could figure out how to DJ we think he could be a stand-in for the bass king.

What do you think of our choices?