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Trolling in the Deep - 5 Hilarious EDM Trolls from 2013

Friday, November 01, 2013
Christina Hernandez

There is no denying that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has reached new heights over the years and shows no sign of slowing down. While EDM encompasses a large number of different genres, one in particular has caught the attention of Americans and is a big factor of the music's overwhelming success in the states: commercial house. Have you ever heard the song "Epic" by Sandro Silva and Quintino? Or what about "Levels" by Avicii? Or more recently, Martin Garrix's summer smash "banger" hit called "Animals?" All of these are shining examples of the type of EDM that has been taking over all the charts in the past few years. While commercial house has been enjoying unprecedented success, older members of the EDM scene have noticed an alarming amount of similarity in the sound of all these continuous hits and have begun to become suspicious that many DJs they once loved (including Hardwell, Tiesto, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to name a few) have "sold out" in favor of making music for the new masses and earning a bigger profit for themselves. Several established DJs have also noticed this trend as well; however, instead of writing angry rants on the issue, they decided to poke some lighthearted fun at this new house sound with "bangers" of their own.

Check out 5 particularly fantastic Trolls from this year below!


Maor Levi - Bring the Rebound

One of the biggest EDM fail stories to hit the airwaves earlier this year was when decided he would illegally rip off a renowned Arty & Mat Zo track and turn it into a pop-y atrocity with additional cheesy sounds and Chris Brown vocals. While the trance family was busy waging war on the former Black Eyed Peas member's Facebook, Maor Levi took to the studio and made this hilarious rendition of the song.

Maor Levi - ANIMALS (Maor Levi Remix)

Ok, I know I just featured a Maor Levi troll, but what can I say, the man is on troll fire this year! Here our beloved Israeli takes on Martin Garrix's "Animals," starting with what sounds like a dope remix and ending with those beautiful vocals we all know and love.


Mat Zo - Turn Up the Funk

"Twinkle mother-f***in' star!" yells an unknown voice as Mat Zo's latest troll-sterpiece moves into a Hardwell-esque drop. Indeed, this poor Brit has been through a lot this year with the theft of his song by But that doesn't stop him from having fun! Here Mat Zo decides to make a "banger" inspired by "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," proving that in 3 hours he could produce a catchy big room hit.    


Deadmau5 - Drop Da Bomb

As one of the biggest trolls in EDM and the internet in general, it was only expected that Deadmau5 would take part in the trolling festivities. During his twitter beef with Afrojack over the direction the EDM industry was going, the Mau5 created this piece, putting Afrojack's own recent club hits to shame.


Daleri - Epic Mashleg

Silly Swedes! Of all the trolls posted, I personally think this one takes the cake. As you can see, Daleri successfully mashes up 16 (I kid you not!) of Beatport top 100songs into a one minute mashup that sounds preeeetty uniform. This piece captures the depressing truth that commercial house is losing its originality in a hilarious way. LOL!  

U mad, bro?