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Hula Hooping Is The New SoulCycle

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Courtney S

Everything you need to know about (LED) hula hooping.

Upon moving to New York City in May 2012, I discovered specialized workout studios. Imagine the classes offered at your gym (spinning, yoga, barre), and then imagine them as their own entity, a gym that offers one genre of class. SoulCycle, $36 a class, is a luxury spin studio. Just spin, no other equipment. It's important to note these classes are super popular and frequently inhabited by celebrities. If you don't register your bike for the week Monday at 12, you're not getting one. This concept draw big crowds.  A strength workout using ballet techniques called Barre, is also extremely popular. Barre classes range from $20-30 and are sold individually by class. Oh, and have you heard about Vixen Army? They just offer workout dance classes that blast Calvin Harris, like you're ~*in the club~*~. Heels are optional, twerking is not. Tailored fitness classes are all the rage, and I'm always down to hear about the next one. Except this time, I'm the one to tell you.

It's hula hooping.

I was fascinated when my friends Heather and Jena told me they're taking hooping lessons. The 1-on-1 60 minute lessons are offered in packages which cost $60/5 classes or $100/10. They discovered the lessons through an online community where "hoopers" plan to meet up. ( I had a lot of questions. Is it a good workout? Yes Is the hoop similar to any I've encountered (like the plastic ones from Wal-Mart that you play with in elementary school). Actually, the hoops are heavier, and they LIGHT UP. Light up is an understatement, they have over 165 LED functions. Heather, now has 5 hoops, one that cost $400. They last for 2-4 hours before need to be charged or batteries replaced. She just upgraded her hoop so one of the visuals is now Mario Brothers, to which she debut to delighted festival-goers last weekend at EDC Orlando (see above photo). When we ventured to TomorrowWorld in September, I witnessed the hoop and its' subsequent attention. Hooping has become part of the festival culture, and rightfully so. Hooping at festivals is encouraged. It is fun for the hooper and provides a light show performance to the viewer. Everyone LOVED watching Heather hoop at TomorrowWorld. I am not saying that because she is my friend. She drew in large crowds, who were enhanced by the lights and movement of the hoop as she danced. She "hooped" at night at Dreamville (our campsite), and dozens of other campers stopped to watch. Heather was even recognized after the festival shopping at her local Aldo as the "TomorrowWorld Hooper". There were other hoopers too, you could tell they had been practicing. As hooping awareness increases, there will be more talented hula hoopers dancing to our favorite songs at festivals. I look forward to it. Check out hoops online:!/~/product/category=0&id=25063851 Meet up with hoopers and instructors in your area: And for a little inspiration, here's an amazing LED Twin-Hooping performance from Deanne Love to Sia - Breathe Me. It's really a phenomenal video.