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Johan Vilborg: Sweden's Rising Star

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

I knew I'd heard the name before. Johan Vilborg. It's not a name you'd easily forget, but it wasn't until last week when I heard Two To One on Group Therapy and ASOT that I remembered his track Expressions was one of my favorites from Digitally Enhanced Vol. 6. I had been meaning to write something about it, but I guess it slipped my mind. This fresh perspective sparked some curiosity and I decided to do some research to figure out who this new talent really is.

Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg feat. Johnny Norberg - Two To One (Jaco Remix) (ASOT RIP)

This is a massive track I just can't see to get out of my head. Enhanced Recordings has really stepped their game up in the past few months, it might have something to do with Tritonal's Chad and David new ownership (Will Holland is also still in charge, and he drank me under the table at Dave's wedding). They're signing so many good uplifting Trance Tracks right now, and this is no exception. Enhanced is swiftly becoming one of the top Trance labels and it's releases like this that are responsible for propelling them to that level. Top Trance labels: Anjunabeats, Armada, Enhanced. Am I right? In that order? Not necessarily. And what do you know, the new music video for this track just came out today, here it is! Slow-mo-underwater-stuff...Wasn't a huge fan of it at first but I can see where they got the idea. Thoughts? Leave a comment at the bottom.

Johan Vilborg - Expressions

This is probably my favorite track of Johan's, it's absolutely hypnotic and I really can't see how I'll ever get sick of it. An emotionally charged track from Digitally Enhanced Vol. 6 and slides in around number 13 on my top 20 of the year. I haven't actually debuted my top 20 list, that was just a random guesstimate :) Give this one a listen and fall in love with Expressions. 

Estiva vs Johan Vilborg - Mondays

I already love everything from Estiva, he's definitely one of the most underrated Trance producers, besides the occasional bone Armin Van Buuren throws him and invites him to ASOT events. This track is no exception, another melodic, uplifting, big room Trance track.

Toby Hedges - Images (Johan Vilborg Remix)

Whoa, okay, let's take things up a notch and put our serious big boy/girl dancing faces on. Toby Hedges is another rising star out of the UK so it's fitting that we get both guys working on one track, and even more fitting that the world's biggest rising star Mat Zo was the one to support this track. Mat Zo likes it. You should probably listen to it.

Johan Vilborg feat. Charlie Bath - Inside (Original Mix)

Released just 14 days ago this track is already being mentioned in conversations around the world as a content for the Track of the Year on ASOT. Some spicy helicopter synths, Charlie Bath's astonishing voice, and an ominous vibe that reminds you that this is TRANCE.

Zack Roth & Ad Brown - Jacob Henry & Johan Vilborg - Silk Royal Showcase 05-06-2013

And while we're at it, here's a free 4 hour mix featuring some of the best and brightest on a label that's also becoming a rising star in the Trance scene: Zack Roth, Ad Brown, Jacob Henry, and of course, Johan Vilborg. It's a free download! (unfortunately this has been removed from Soundcloud and I can't find it anywhere. If you have it, send it to me and I'll upload it and give you a shout out!)

There are more tracks out there from Vilborg, but I wanted to highlight these specific tracks to show you what he can do. Have any thoughts or opinions about these tracks, or my assessment of Johan Vilborg? Don't be afraid to chime in below.