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The Future of Raving

Wednesday, December 04, 2013
Martin Smith

Ever wonder what raving will be like 20 years from now? Will Smith and his son powering through an EDC crowd with some iRobot arm lasers? Maybe not. But in all seriousness, the technology in sci-fi movies like iRobot will no longer only be considered fiction. Within the next decade or two, we are going to see a surge in the advancement of digital and computer sciences. And by advancement, I mean the technology is going to involve way more human interaction. Ever notice how new gadgets and computers always seem to be easier to use, and have a more natural, intuitive feel? That's because we're literally trying to put these things inside the human element. The following futuristic devices could very well be the ultimate level of man--or mind--powered technology.

Visual Effects Using Only Your Eyes

The Eye Writer is a software tool that allows the user to create virtual drawings with eyesight alone. The eye-tracking software tracks the position of your pupils as they move about beneath a pair of glasses. An eye-drawing software connects with the tracking device to allow the user manipulation of color, text and anything on the screen. The inventors originally teamed up with the famous graffiti artist Tempt1 when they created it. Tempt was diagnosed with ALS and eventually became completely paralyzed everywhere but his eyes. Thus, The Eye Writer was inspired into creation. The Eyewriter from Evan Roth on Vimeo. The implications this has for future raves? Fast forward 10 years from now....visual effects "booth" is jammed with a bunch of graffiti artists/ digital drawers just wearing glasses and having a good time drawing images on the stage. What about ravers themselves? After seeing the video above, I don't see why projecting lasers out of those hipster glasses would be considered too far-fetched. However, the damage it would have on your eyes is another story.

The Sustainable Dance Floor

Imagine an entire club powered by human energy alone. Crazy talk? Apparently not anymore. The company Energy Floors, formerly known as Sustainable Dance Club, is already powering events and clubs with kinetic energy generating floors. The people dancing feed the floor pads kinetic energy, which is then converted to electricity that powers the LED lights embedded in the dance floor. So, currently it doesn't seem like ravers can power all of Deadmau5's gear with their dance moves alone, but it definitely looks like we're on the right path towards a total sustainable dance club. Sustainable Dance Floor in action / interactive installation from Energy Floors on Vimeo.

Controlling Sh*t Wit Yo Mind

Yea, it's real. Emotiv Lifescience, run by CEO Tan Le, has developed a headset that allows you to control virtual objects with your mind. If this isn't one of the coolest things you've ever heard of, then you must come from another planet that already has these headsets. The computer interface reads a users brainwaves, making it possible for them to control objects on a computer and physical electronics with just concentrated thoughts. The TED talks video below fully demonstrates this headset's awesome potential. The possibilities are literally endless with technology like this. Yea, it looks like people will control sophisticated visualizers and effects with their mind. But what about the music itself? Will there be a headset that allows users to control digital sound waves with mere thoughts? Imagine one person with a headset on, thinking about---and creating---a basic four-on-the-floor house beat. Now include two other people in the mix. One of them shoots off a 4 bar bassline to ride the first guy's house drums. The third guy grooves into it, concentrates for a second, and finally starts ripping into a wild lead synth solo. You're probably thinking yea, but not everyone is musically talented enough to pull it off. True, but the human brain may interact with digital music and virtual objects in a completely different way than it currently does with the physical world. Imagination is going to be taken to a whole new level when things are virtually limitless.