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The 9 Greatest Videos of Orjan Nilsen's on YouTube

Friday, December 13, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

I wanted to put together a piece for you that highlights one of the most underrated Trance producers in the world, Orjan Nilsen. I thought that one of the best ways to do this would be to aggregate all of his best videos from YouTube into one place. I was inspired by Orjan's 2012 album In My Opinion, which was, in my opinion, the most complete (best edm) album of 2012. These videos range from interviews to studio sessions and even a video or two from his time touring. Nilsen finds a way to fly under the radar but he continues to impress me and prove that he is one of the most versatile artists in the electronic dance music community. I don't know if his lack of exposure is due to Armada's inability to promote their artists in the USA, or if it's due to his own choices to focus on the European market, but regardless, I'm bringing Orjan to you, right now. #TeamOrjan

1) Interview with Orjan Nilsen at Tomorrowland 2011

I have to start with my all time favorite Orjan Nilsen interview from Tomorrowland 2011. Feel free to skip the ridiculous intro (head to 1:10) but make sure you watch the rest. The interviewer is even more ridiculous than the intro but his heart in definitely in the right place. And although his english may not be the greatest, the questions he asks seem to prompt something deep inside Orjan who delivers absolutely stunning answers that show his true colors as an artist, a producer, and a person. You think they would have chosen a more flattering thumbnail for the video, but hey, it's Orjan Nilsen, you aren't watching these videos for his good looks. He talks about the recording process of his album In My Opinion, chooses his favorites tracks from the album, and he even reveals some of the other jobs he did before becoming a full-time international dance music sensation.

2) Orjan Nilsen - In My Opinion Full Album

Since I've been talking so highly about it, I have no other option than to share the complete album with you right here. I've included the track below, no time stamps though, because hunting for tracks is fun :) 1. The Thunder (feat. Kate Louise Smith) 2. Dominatrix 3. Mjuzik 4. Redemption (feat. Arielle Maren) 5. So Long Radio 6. Le Tour de Trance 7. But Here (feat. Neev Kennedy) 8. La Guitarra 9. My Opinion 10. Between The Rays 11. The Mule 12. Go Fast! 13. Down The Line 14. While I Wait 15. Nocturnal 16. Gato Negro 17. Rock With Me 18. Black Blue Beautiful

3) Studio Session with Orjan Nilsen

Probably one of Orjan's most popular videos (341,351 views as of 12/11/13), this 35 minute studio session will take you inside Nilsen's creative process, as well as his home studio, which is rather humble, but also reveal some extremely personal details about his life and how he's gotten to where he is today. It's always refreshing to get past the smoke and mirrors and see the person behind the moniker for who they really are.

 4) Orjan Performing Arpeggio Wizardry

If you didn't get enough from the 35 minute studio session above or you're looking for something a little bit shorter to see what kind of skillz Orjan has, this video blew my mind. Arpeggio's obviously fill in the gaps and make things sound cooler, but this is still pretty freaking impressive/awesome.

5) Orjan Nilsen Russia Tour 2013

Orjan's most recent video release, an Armada Music production highlighting his recent gigs in Russia. I thought I would include it solely for its timeliness. You know, just in case anyone was interested in seeing if he still looked like a grown up baby

6) Orjan Nilsen feat. Neev Kennedy - Anywhere But Here (Official Music Video)

I thought it would be interesting to include one of Orjan's most popular music videos. Anywhere But Here with Neev Kennedy's powerful voice was a Vocal Trance instantly classic; which might be why the video has almost 400k views. I'm always so curious about what Trance artists choose for their music videos since I have such intense, emotional and personal connection with the tracks, I kind of have my own visual ideas of what i'm listening to, it's like reading the book and then watching the movie for the first time... Take me away Let me fall into your arms so I can Be myself, because you understand Take me Anywhere but here

7) Orjan Nilsen - Violetta (Original Mix)

Fast forward 2 years and Orjan's first big single of his next album No Saint Out Of Me, Violettamore than doubles the amount of views on YouTube as Anywhere But Here. It's one hell of a tune.

8) Armin Van Buuren Presents Orjan Nilsen's Go Fast at Tomorrowland 2010

And finally, the link to this video (a video of epic proportions) was placed in the "about me" section of my personal Facebook page for the last 3 years. There's a good reason for that. I believe this video can be used as a test to see if someone has the TranceFamily "it" factor. Are they enthralled by the video, or do they look away? Do they have the patience to let the track build? Does their jaw hit the floor when the fireworks and lasers start going in tandem at the end of the video?  Mine did.

Bonus Video! - Orjan Nilsen в Мурманске

I found this random gem by combing the depths of YouTube. I wasn't quite sure which part of this video blew me away more, Russia's lack of technology for 2012, or the weird dancing witnessed in this video. But I have to admit, Orjan opens his set like a badass for being put on the spot in a well-lit room standing 5 feet away from the crowd. Watch this video and I promise you'll get a kick out of the ridiculous animation and subtle attempts by the Russians to make their TV look American. And remember, this Video was published in 2012.