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The Best and Worst Types of People at EDM Events

Monday, January 27, 2014
Sam Storch

Do you even rave, bro? I bet you do :) Obviously everyone has their own personal experiences at shows, but for anyone who considers themselves to be more of an expert on raves than a novice, you probably know there are specific types of people at EDM events you enjoy surrounding yourself with, and certain types of people you want to stay away from. I put together this list of the best and worst types of people at EDM events so you have a clear idea about who to look for and who to stay clear from. And to give you a laugh. I'm sure even the freshest newbies on the scene have already run into a few of these timeless stereotypes. Have you?

The Worst Types of People at EDM Events

1) The Typical Party Girl.


At every packed EDM show there are always those groups of girls that are going to these events to get drunk and have a "good time". These types of people I try to stay as far away from as possible. These girls and the group of usually 3-5 additional friends they are with have no sense of common courtesy and do not care about anyone else around them. It is not right to shove people and yell at them so you can take an Instagram photo in the middle of 1000 people. The crazy part is that most of these girls are taking this Instagram photo to brag about seeing a DJ they never heard of before and so they can boost their social status (think they're cool). It is also not right to shove your way to the front of a sea of people because you think that you can do what you want and have a massive sense of entitlement. If you want to do that please go to a club with a nice dance floor, a large capacity (that never sells out) and a no-name DJ so you can do the same exact thing, but not at the expense of people who actually care about EDM.

2) The Oversized Drunk Dude

Always wild and angry, these guys are looking to get stupid drunk. They shove, they curse and are extremely obnoxious individuals. They are also ready to get in a fight at any moment so if you can, avoid them. Not to mention, they are usually really...really sweaty. I can't help but think of the scene from the Ben Stiller movie Along Came Polly (gif above) where he get's a face full of sweat while trying to D-up an oversized sweaty opponent. For those who haven't been to a major festival (like 50k plus), this is a pretty honest representation of what you'll experience multiple times if you make it to the front row of Kinetic Field at EDC Las Vegas. Why would you ever want to be black out drunk at a rave? It just doesn't make sense.

3) Glovers


THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL GLOVERS, but a specific type. Glovers are known for they're great light shows and really contribute to EDM events. However, recently "newer" and less experienced glovers have been getting out of hand. Before the EDM boom, glovers were great. There were only a few of them and they would stand in the back of the EDM show, in order to give light shows to anyone who wanted one. EDM Shows are filled with glovers, they're all over the place, and because of that, these glovers end up in the middle of a packed crowd trying to perform.


For anyone who doesn't know glovers need about 2-4 feet to operate and obviously this can be a problem when everyone is shoulder to shoulder with each other. Now instead of trying to find an open area to work, these glovers shove people out-of-the-way for a 30 second light show that really doesn't do much considering that EDM productions these days are light shows in themselves. My message to these glovers is, if you find someone who really wants a light show they will be more than happy to accompany you to a spot where there aren't a ton of people and if they don't want to go with you than stop gloving.

4) The Underage Kids


They shouldn't be at these shows in the first place, but somehow they get in. Now there are some (very few) underage kids that can hold it together but for the majority of them they are terrible for the show and for EDM in general. They honestly cannot handle the environment and whatever they are doing(alc, drugs etc...) , which just proves that 21+ events should be enforced and more should be happening.

5) EDM Headbangers

With arms flailing and heads violently bobbing these are some of the worst people. It's great to let loose and rage, but when you hit 3 girls next to you in the head with your elbows followed by a swift kick to my shin, I believe its time to find somewhere where you can let loose without injuring other people. A personal story from the Editor Daniel Taibleson:  I used to go to Warp Tour as a younger kid growing up and I'll never forget the first time I witnessed mosh pit justice. There was a big circle of dudes going nuts at one of the stages and I was just watching from the back of the circle, I was more mind blown by the idea of what these grown men were doing rather than being a participant myself. One of the younger guys, probably 17 or 18 had his fingers interlocked and was swinging his elbows around violently, which I guess is a little more violent than the jumping around and pushing one another. A big ass biker dude just turned around and leveled the kid breaking his nose. Everyone kind of backed up. The kid was in disbelief holding his newly broken nose as blood streamed down his face and the biker just stood there, looked at him, shrugged, and said "That's what you get for being a dick." And no one touched the biker. The kid just walked out of the crowd and the most pit continued. I was like DAMN. Okay. So that's how it works. The lesson we can all take from this? Yes, it's okay to go nuts and dance, but the second you start believing that it's okay to completely disregard the people around you and do what YOU want because it's how YOU're about to get punched in the face. UPDATE! shout out to Nadia A Lee from the EDM Madness group on facebook for reminding us about the whistle guy...yes...The whistle guy, sigh. 

6) The Whistle Guy.


It’s almost unbelievable that these people exist, but unfortunately they do. Capable of ruining the most amazing track of all time, these people with their annoying freaking whistles are some of the worst people of all time. When you blow a whistle, off timing, loud as hell and pierce my ear drums all I think about doing is ripping my hair out. As I sit here just thinking about “The Whistle Guy” and all the people he freaking pisses off, I think about the Producers and DJ. Just imagine creating a track that everyone wants to come and hear and all you hear is that one annoying whistle guy ruining your song. If I was a DJ playing a show I’d kick him out (like a Calvin Harris outburst, or a deadmau5 rant). So please people if you want to use a whistle become a traffic cop or a lifeguard because no one wants to hear you try to whistle over a song.

The Best Types of People at EDM Events

1) The Typical Nice Person

If you need a little extra room or maybe need to bum a smoke these people are always accommodating. They always think about the person next to them before themselves and truly understand the meaning of P.L.U.R. These are the people who also are looking out if something goes wrong and are the first to lend a helping hand. These are the types of people that EDM shows have always been comprised of, they're the people that we met our first raves and really caused to us to fall in love with the scene. I'm sure you can remember an experience with one of these kind festival goers in your past and the exact moment you realized, this is what a concert should be like.

2) VIP Patrons

Pop Bottles

Yes, while some people think that these people might belong in the worst people category I politely disagree. Most of the people who have tables at clubs have worked for their money and occasionally go out and want to have a good  time with friends. These people enjoy EDM music just as much as the rest of us, but they are in a position to have a little more of a relaxed atmosphere and who can really blame them for taking the VIP option because I feel like we all would. Furthermore, they generally are the nicest people if you talk to them without wanting to mooch off of them etc... and generally if you are a level headed and genuine person they would invite you to have a shot or two with them. Ohh and these people are part of the reason why General Admission tickets can be cheaper than they actually should be because clubs make the most money off of VIP/Bottle Service, so they actually help us all.

3) People In the Back of the Show

The back of EDM shows are where the true fans are. These people don't care about pushing to the front or partying for the sake of partying, these people are there for the music. All these people want at a show is to have there own little space and to get lost in there favorite artists dropping some great tunes. They're also the most friendly people who love to talk about EDM and generally consider themselves part of a larger family (i.e. #TranceFamily). These are some of the best people to hang out with and I'd really recommend spending some time at the back of a bigger festival and just talking with people, you won't believe how many crazy stories you'll hear from chopping it up with these seasoned vets.

4) The First Timer (who comes with seasoned raver vets)


Theres nothing like bringing someone to their first show and watching their face light up once they are exposed to EDM. The pure joy and awe they express just brings all of us back to our first show and how we felt in that moment. These people also are generally polite and "shy" because they cannot immediately comprehend what is going on at that moment, but because they're with friends who understand the scene and how much of a family this scene is, they're nothing but a great new addition to the edm family.   Do you have any of your own "Best and worst types of people at edm events" that you'd like to add to this list? Leave a comment and we'll add it to the list with a note about your contribution. Thanks! :)