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The New Adventures of Old Sia

Sia - that name rings a bell, correct? Possibly because you have heard of her collaboration with David Guetta on his famous pop anthem "Titanium." However, before entering (*disclaimer* this is my personal opinion) the dark side of cheesy pop song collaborations, Sia had a more eclectic, indie side to her music making.

Breathe Me - Sia

Now that is some quality tuneage! With simple piano parts used to highlight her beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics, "Breathe Me" is a timeless classic. Even I still give this lovely piece a listen fairly often, despite it being around 10 years. However, we here at Only The Beat believe that it's time for this classic to receive a bit of a modern update, more specifically one geared toward the electronic side of things. It turns out that many producers have felt the same over the years - score! Check out our favorite remixes of "Breathe Me" below - most of the remixes are for free download as well, so you can enjoy them any time.

Breathe Me (Widdler Remix) - Sia

A big thanks again to Youtube's Mr. Suicide Sheep! This guy really picks out some lovely music for his channel. As my favorite remix of the bunch, the talented Widdler creates a smooth bassy-remix with a light breaks beat in the background. I absolutely adored the saxophone accents as well! This remix is ideal if you're relaxing at home on a rainy day.

Breathe Me (Butch Clancy Remix) - Sia

What other genre goes well with "Breathe Me"? Dubstep. Specifically, the more chilled-out version of the genre. Butch Clancy delivers just that with his rendition of Sia's hit. Although set at a slower tempo, Clancy still makes sure to include the hard-hitting oscillations we know and love from dubstep, making a mellow yet intense tune.

Breathe Me (Muttley Remix) - Sia

Moar dubstep? Yes, please! Muttley brings back the retro dubstep sound into his remix, again creating a calming atmosphere to anywhere you choose to listen to it. The smooth vibrations of the bass and the melodic piano sample from the original also make this song a bit on the sensual side as well.
Breathe Me

Breathe Me (Rochay & Matic Remix) - Sia

Did someone say drum & bass? Rochay & Matic, a British producer duo, show that "Breathe Me" can also fit into funkier, faster genres. While listening to this I couldn't help but bounce around and head bang to this energized remix.

Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix) - Sia

Going down and even more eclectic path is Four Tet's version of Sia's tune. Known for unique, often un-classifiable music, Four Tet throws a bit of Latin flavor into his remix. Play this if you want to do some salsa dancing with your loved one!

Breathe Me (Nicolas Luce Edit) - Sia

Go van deepah! Keeping the tempo of the original consistent with his remix, Nicolas Luce pleases the ears with a quality deep house piece. This version was perhaps my second favorite in this bunch of remixes - simple, yet well produced and very danceable. Good job Nicolas!
Breathe Me

Breathe Me (Whithe Remix) - Sia

Whithe described the genre of his remix as "melancholic future" - and I certainly agree with that classification! The intro was smooth, with nice crackling sounds added to create a record player feel. Then Whithe goes on to create a lovely, futuristic-sounding piece with ethereal vocal accents. Simply gorgeous.

Breathe Me (Alfonso Muchacho Remix) - Sia

No remix compilation is complete without some progressive thrown in. So now I present to you Colombian producer Alfonso Muchacho's magnificent progressive house take on "Breathe Me." This was a truly remix; at the beginning he uses a synth sound similar to Deadmau5 with a general feel of Eric Prydz. Following the breakdown, Muchacho puts in samples of other songs while maintaining the basic melody line of "Breathe Me" and ups the energy level, making the listener want to jump up and down. I'm happy this is for free!

Breathe Me (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) - Sia

Another writer has posted about this remix already, which you can find by clicking this link. However, as a loyal trance family member, I couldn't make this list without re-sharing this trancified version of a classic! This is indeed quite a nice spin on the tune, as expected with anything by Gabriel & Dresden. [caption id="attachment_18062" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Sia Sia would be proud![/caption]