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ULTRA MIAMI 2014 Recently I was going back through all the articles I have written in the past nine months with OTB and stumbled upon my very first article, EDC Las Vegas - Artists You Need To See, which is the inspiration for this post.  I will feature five artists that stand out to me that will be way bigger than they are currently in the coming year or are just must sees at Ultra, as I know it is sometimes overwhelming deciding who you are going to see at these massive events! THE GLITCH MOB Ultra The set I am going to start you guys off with as a not miss is The Glitch Mob on Friday the 28th on the Ultra Worldwide stage.  If you want a life changing and euphoric set this is the one for you.  This trio brought us their amazing album Drink the Sea in 2010 which has one of my favorite chill/glitch songs of all time Between Two Points featuring Swan.  They recently followed up with Love Death Immortality earlier in 2014.  Also for those of you audiophiles who enjoy vinyls, these two albums are pretty epic to listen to on a record player.  The Glitch Mob also brought us remixes like: Derezzed by Daft Punk, Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, and my personal favorite Breathe by The Prodigy they have a song for everyone to fall in love with. CLAUDE VONSTROKE Ultra Next up we have Claude VonStroke, the genius behind Dirtybird Records, which I recently featured in an article on Miami Music Week.  He is playing the Underground Story Stage on Saturday March 29th (along with multiple people on his label).  He had one of the most insane Essential Mixes of 2013 and just keeps releasing new music.  Starting in 2006 with his album Beware of the Bird, then in 2009 with Bird Brain, and most recently in 2013 releasing Urban Animal.  With an intriguing mix of deep, tech, and what I would call booty house he brings a little bit of everything in a complete set.  With catchy tunes such as Who's Afraid of Detroit, Beat That Bird, The Clapping Track, and Dood, it  is hard not to be grooving to Claude. 2MANYDJs Ultra If you're looking for something you haven't seen before this set is the one for you.  On the Live Stage on Saturday March 29th, 2MANYDJs will be playing.  You may be saying to yourself, "I have no idea who they are."  This is not always a bad thing as they are rather elusive but put together some of the most insane sets I have ever heard.  They only have one post on Soundcloud which is a 10 minute exclusive mix.  These brothers are true DJ's and use everything from Hip Hop to R&B to Techno to make you move. ALY & FILA B2B JOHN O'CALLAGHAN On Sunday March 29th on the ASOT 650 New Horizons stage Aly & Fila B2B John O'Callaghan is one for the trance record books.  They have played a few on these on the ASOT 650 tour and are impeccable. Ultra Aly & Fila are an Egyptian trance duo who became popular from their podcast Future Sounds of Egypt which is featured on Digitally Imported Radio. Their production and remix list would take me a few minutes to name out loud so I will just give you a couple to check out: Touchtone by Solarstone, Sound of the Drums by Armin Van Buuren ft. Laura Jansen, Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery, and their own We Control The Sunlight. Ultra Now we've got to tackle the trance god John O'Callaghan who has his own sub label under Armin's Armada, titled Subculture.  In 2008 he received the best producer and best DJ award at the Irish Dance Music Awards.  With studio albums Something to Live For, Never Fade Away, and Unfold, along with a long list of mix albums he is here to stay. KILL FRENZY Ultra Last but not least I am recommending you see Kill Frenzy who I recently featured in International Discotheque Adventures: 002.  He will be on the Underground Story Stage on March 29th along with Claude VonStroke.  If you're into deep funky bass tracks, this is the set for you to dance the Night Away with (If you see what I did there you must be a fan :)).  You will not stop dancing when you hear tracks like his One in a Million remix by Aaliyah or his own productions, Big Breasted Beauty, Warm Inside You, and Footwork. Whether you like trance, disco, deep, tech, or glitch there is something here that will make you move!