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Clubcasting: Is this the future of club DJing?

Monday, April 21, 2014
Conner Thomas

What would you say if I told you that you can see your favorite DJ play at your favorite local nightclub, for little to no charge? It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Here's the catch: the DJ isn't physically there. So how does this all work? Well,, famous for their virtual online festivals, has taken the next big step in virtual performance. They call it clubcasting, and more and more venues are starting to adopt the technology.

Clubcasting works via a 2 way live stream over the internet. This is different from just using a streaming service like or Tinychat. With clubcasting, not only can you see the DJ and what they're playing in high quality sound, the DJ can also see the crowd that they are playing to, and interact with them in real time. The human element is still completely there, and if you closed your eyes, you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Give Mixify's official video a watch to see what we mean. Now, as with any new technology in the DJing world, veterans are slow to adopt. When CDJs were debuted all those years ago, not everyone was happy to adopt them. The vinyl spinning purist crowd cried that they would be the downfall of turntable, and today, even much after the adoption of CDJs for most every large venue in the world, some still believe that they are killing what DJing is really all about. So how does clubcasting fit into this? Well, this time it isn't the DJs complaining, it's the fans.

Is DJing all about the music? Or is it more than that? As long as there have been DJs, this question has begged to be answered. Many EDM fans will have you believe it's all about the music. Equally as many fans go to shows because their favorite DJ is spinning there. So who is right? Does someone really have to be right? The answer is NO. No one has to be right! We all go to shows for our own reasons, and if you want to see your favorite DJ play your favorite music, why does it matter that they aren't physically there? There are innumerable benefits for clubs who adopt this technology. It's inexpensive compared to physically flying in a headliner, and it allows for smaller clubs to have bigger names play and draw in more people. Beyond just benefiting nightclubs, fans also get the opportunity to see DJs that would have never otherwise visited their town on a tour. The sound is the same, and you can see the DJ, and the DJ can see you! So how different is it really? I encourage you to go to a clubcast and decide for yourself before denouncing it like many others do.

We're spotlighting Volume Nightclub in Seattle, as they've already put on a successful clubcast with the legendary Congorock, and are doing another event with clubcasting soon. Decide for yourself if clubcasting is a technology that is going to catch on with even bigger names at bigger venues. Will we see clubcasting at the Marquee Las Vegas? How about XS? I want to hear what you readers think. Leave your opinion in the comments!