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These Muse Remixes Electrify My Life

Three weeks after returning to reality after an unforgettable weekend at Coachella, I still find myself heavily in festival mode. This of course means that I can't stop listening to music and bands I saw there. Naturally, one of my favorite performances of the weekend was by none other than my favorite band on this planet, Muse. So I thought why not combine my two loves, electronic music and Muse, together and throw together a list of awesome remixes? Below are some of my favorite popular songs by the British band remixed into some seriously danceable tuneage.

Starlight (Hyperbits Remix) - Muse

"Starlight" is one of the most popular songs by Muse, so I figured I'd start this list off with this energetic remix of it by Hyperbits. In his modernized house version of the classic tune, this producer extraordinaire throws down gritty electro elements and a Seven Lions-esque breakdown that allows you to sing the chorus obnoxiously to your friends. Me likey!

Starlight (SIRsir 5am Remix) - Muse

All I gotta say about this remix is "daaaamn." SIRsir definitely does the British trio proud with this one. Not only do they incorporate several styles into one track, but they do it seamlessly. This remix is definitely in my top 3 favorites of the bunch!

Knights of Cydonia (Feed Me Remix) - Muse

When I saw that Feed Me did a remix to "Knights of Cydonia," I knew it was gonna be good. And I gotta tell you, the guy delivers! Feed Me feeds his classic and unique style into a heavy-hitting remix, creating almost a glitchy sound effect. I could groove to this!

Knights of Cydonia (Gramatik Remix) - Muse

Looks like a lot of big-name DJs enjoy remixing "Knights of Cydonia" - could it be for its epic bridge? Who knows, but Gramatik also brings a unique take onto the song, staying more true to its instrumental value but adding a funky glitch-hop beat to it.

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Resistance (Tiesto Remix) - Muse

Whoa, a Tiesto trance remix to Muse? What an awesome artifact! It's not too shabby either compared to the original. Also, how the heck did my trance fairy self just discover this? Clearly I should research Muse remixes more.

Supermassive Black Hole (Constantinne Bootleg) - Muse

Go van deepah! Obviously I couldn't leave "Supermassive Black Hole" off this list, and I felt the best twist to the "Twilight" hit was Constantinne's deep, sexy bootleg.  Who couldn't get used to feeling like they're in a European club while listening to classic Muse?

New Born (Parana Remix) - Muse

Last but not least is the Parana remix of "New Born." Not only was I super excited to see that a song from my favorite Muse album was remixed, but I was extra extra excited to see that it was a psy-trance remix! Parana starts out his song by using the piano introduction of "New Born" we all know and love, then he brings us down the rabbit hole of trippy psy-trance coolness.