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Why The Chainsmokers are EDM's Hottest Upcoming Artists

Friday, May 16, 2014

With a constant increase of new electronic artists each month, it becomes incredibly more difficult to not only come up with tracks that will attract people's attention, but that also sound original. It's even more difficult to do so with remixes versus original tracks. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers have continued to roll out remix after remix of some of our favorite artists, AND release a single that's made it to mainstream radio play within a month of its release. I don't know if you really understand how much of an accomplishment this is, especially when you haven't been releasing music for years like other A-list DJs we hear on the radio (Kaskade, Avicii and David Guetta to name a few). Their breakthrough single, #SELFIE, has made it to the top of Billboard's electronic charts, to the Beatport Top 100 and to the ears of millions of listeners all over the world. Maybe you like #SELFIE...maybe you're one of the many people who hates it. Either way, it's more popular than you'll ever be. ;) But let's be real, these guys are way more than just a song about taking pictures of yourself (and if you haven't gotten the sarcasm in the song, you might want to listen a little more closely). Alex and Drew have been in a solid cadence over the past few months, releasing new remixes every couple of weeks, each as good as the last. Their favorites? Their reworks Smallpools' "Dreaming" and Ellie Goulding's "Goodness Gracious" are at the top of their list. With this and a recent appearance on American Idol (and a selfie with Jennifer Lopez?), they're sure to go far. After working writing in the music industry for almost a year now, listening to and reviewing dozens upon dozens of new songs, I can say that I've definitely become a bit of a critic. Generally I've got some little nitpick or qualm with a track when I first take a look at it, but The Chainsmokers' music always leaves me impressed upon first listen, no matter which song they've come out with. A big make-or-break thing with me when it comes to newer artists is if their lives shows can live up to the hype of their music. Drew and Alex's sets have been on point, whether it was their first big performance at TomorrowWorld, or their recent Ultra set that blew everyone away. There's a slippery slope when you're planning a set for a large festival; you can add all the big room tracks make people jump, but you can often lose the originality. These two were able to successfully pull in and mix samples old and new to create one of my favorite sets from Miami in 2014. Keep your eyes on The Chainsmokers this year and watch for their sets at a festival coming near you (including the infamous Tomorrowland!) and read further for some slightly useless information that I asked them questions about a little while back. What are 5 things (fun facts, whatever) that we might not know about you? 1) Drew freaks out if he doesn’t brush his teeth at least twice a day 2) Alex makes the best chili in the world 3) Drews first job was at a hot dog stand 4) We hate babies with green eyes 5) Drew lost his pinky toe to a greyhound when he was 5 Is there anything you base your choice on artists to remix? Do we like the song, is there money involved, how much other work do we have, will they collab… What's been the most significant change for The Chainsmokers in the past year? Our paper chase… and the quality of girls we get to hang out with…. How did you both get involved in music? Music class in elementary school… It all started on the recorder. What's on your personal playlists right now? Lots of Lorde, Drake, Kanye, Daughter, Sub-Focus, Mat Zo and Beyonce. Favorite type of non EDM-type music? Indie Sad music.. like shit about breakups Where do you see the electronic music industry going in the next few years (I now ask this question as a joke, lolz) Festivals on the moon, new synthetic drugs, world peace… If you had to go without either puppies or cheeseburgers for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Drew is going without puppies, Alex is going with out cheeseburgers

You had fans make their own selfie videos and send them to you. How many boobs did you get? We got about 13% out of maybe 1,000 photos… to our surprise they were all really nice boobs that we would have loved to gotten closer too..

What's the best selfie you've ever seen? Best #Selfie we saw was the guy whose plane crashed and he was lost at sea taking #selfies…. That shit was life or death selfie