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How Kaskade Got His Name

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Kaskade (aka Ryan Raddon) is well-known to EDM fans as a globetrotting DJ and a Grammy-winning producer. But did you ever wonder how Kaskade created his name? Well then we have a fun fact for you! Kaskade Ryan was looking at a picture of a cascading waterfall and knew that was the name for him, and after a slight change in the spelling to make it his own he came up with Kaskade! Interesting huh?

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Besides the orinigal work of picking his unique name, Kaskade is gearing up for his Summer tour schedule which will hit Las Vegas, Bonnaroo, Spring Awakening Festival, Tomorrowland and more. Songs like “In This Life” and “Everything Artefact” are sure to be on this artist's tracklist, so make sure to check him out if you get the chance! - Guest Post by Shelby Slaughter