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5 life-changing remixes you've never heard

Remixes have become a common thing in the EDM culture. But they're all remixes of popular EDM songs or the same remix of some classic rock song by Nirvana or Blink 182. However, these 5 remixes I'm about to show you take songs from genres you might not necessarily be into and make them into something you'll definitely love. I now present to you, the 5 most life-changing remixes you've never heard of.

Silk (Ianborg remix) by Giselle

This particular remix hits a sweet spot for me. I often play this song at parties or hangouts and warn everyone that this might just be the most beautiful remix you have ever heard and so far I've had a 100% success rate. ianborg Giselle's song "Silk" is originally a soft, dreamy lullaby accompanied with the sweet vocals of Giselle herself. She may sound familiar to you as she has been featured on Adventure Club's "Crave You." Ianborg successfully stays true to the pure melody while still adding hardcore dubstep drops. And if this remix does anything for you, it should at least turn your sorrow into silk.

Son of a Gun (Jacob Plant remix) by Oh Land

"Son of a Gun" by Oh Land is an upbeat pop song that will have you off your chairs and dancing for sure. But then Jacob Plant comes in, takes this fun and upbeat song and injects it with all the familiar wubs and bass drops we love. What I appreciate about this remix is the way that there are external sounds inputted within the song but not so much that the entire melody or essence of the song are lost. Some songs become so distorted by remixes that you can't even tell what song they are anymore but Jacob Plant makes sure to avoid that.

Beast by Vicetone vs. Nico Vega

From the young Dutcho duo that brought you the amazing remix of Matthew Koma's "One Night" comes an even better remix of Nico Vega's "Beast". Pulling a complete 180, when Vicetone tweaks with this heavy alternative rock song, the result is almost unrecognizable. I'd say this remake is the most dramatic out of all listed here. Being a hard rock fan myself, it was nice to have something to headbang to while still PLURing hard as well.

Lisztomania (Shook remix) by Phoenix

If you're a 90's kid like me, chances are you've heard Phoenix's most popular song "Lisztomania", but have you ever heard it like this? Shook, who released his debut album a mere 10 months ago, takes the hit track and breaks it down to a chill, funky groove with almost a Daft Punk-like vibe to it. If you're a fan of Carlos Serrano, this is definitely one for you. While these other remixes take slow songs and pump them up, this remix of Lisztomania turns the masterpiece into something you and your friends can sit back and relax to.

Skinny Love (Vanic remix) by Birdy

Birdy's rendition of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" is one of those rare better-than-the-original covers, much like Iron & Wine's version of "Such Great Heights". Then there are the remixes. Canadian DJ Vanic who has been releasing one excellent remix after another tackled the impossible by making yet another version of Skinny Love that might just outshine Birdy's. The latest artists he has meddled with include Lana Del Rey, CHVRCHES and Die Antwoord. Quite an eclectic music taste he's got there but his remixes never disappoint. For those of you who prefer Bon Iver's original to Birdy's, there's always Das Kapital's rerub of "Skinny Love".

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