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Bounce Boat - A One of a Kind EDM Show

Thursday, June 05, 2014
Sam Storch

Let's Begin, Shall We?

With the increasing popularity that has been seen within Electronic Dance Music, event and production companies are continuously looking for new ways to bring life, fun and imagination to their shows. With major festivals and mega-clubs it seems increasingly challenging for different organizers to find that perfect new event that will revolutionize the way people experience shows. However, when one of us goes to a show that will change the landscape of our scene, we can sense that we're in an environment different than any other. That is how I and I suspect others felt the moment we got on the Hornblower Infinity ship for Bounce Boat. By the end of the night, I knew that this was an event I needed to experience again.

The Layout

While walking along the Pier in NYC, I started surveying the vessel that would be taking us on a 4-hour journey up and down the Hudson River. My first thought was, “Wow this ship looks a lot smaller than I thought it would be.” But upon walking inside the ship it became abundantly clear that looks can be really deceiving. Bounce Boat is a 4-5 floor behemoth of a boat where all those in attendance have room to walk around and dance to different blends of music. With fully stocked bars and a beautiful outdoor deck, Bounce Boat also offers more than just an Electronic Dance Music show; it gives you that necessary getaway at the end of your week.


On this night, everyone in attendance was in store for a phenomenal show put on by one hell of a lineup. Starting the night off were several local DJs including The Bendher Brothers, Infuze and Subset. The Bendher Brothers were relatively new to me, but they nonetheless set off the night perfectly with an awesome trap and heavy dub set that really got people moving. Now for those people who haven’t heard about Infuze and Subset, they are must-see DJs in the local music circuit. With an abundance of energy and phenomenal opening sets, Infuze and Subset set the stage for the man of the night, RUSKO.
 If I had to sum up Rusko’s set in a phrase, I would have to say it was “one of a kind.” Bounce Boat did one hell of a job landing this legendary music pioneer, and he did not disappoint. It is rare to see so many people rage as hard as the people of Bounce Boat raged on this night. I say “raged with,” because he was 100% one with everyone there. With sweat dripping down and a huge smile on his face during the entire set, Rusko masterfully worked the turn tables, pulling some extraordinarily intricate and difficult transitions between songs. At one point I had to go to the upper level so I could look down and admire what this DJ was doing on the decks. From the first song he played to the very last, the entire boat was bouncing, and it was clear that Rusko had put on one hell of a show.


It may not be obvious to some, but putting on a high quality production show (like the we see at clubs or festivals) on a boat is no easy task. In order to make this happen, you need an experienced team who has a vision and understands exactly what needs to get done in order to put on the best show. What Bounce Boat was able to do with the team they have assembled was astonishing. The sound system that was put onto the ship was simply tremendous, sounding crisp and full no matter where you were. They brought in a light board behind the DJ as well as CO2 tanks that made it feel as though we were in any major club in NYC. To cap it all off they brought in Dancers as well as light up robots who added a fun energy to the boat. Most people do not notice these subtle things, but what Bounce Boat and their production team did was transform a ship and make it into a mega-club on the water.

What a show

Bounce Boat is one of those shows that any electronic music fan has to experience this summer. It’s a combination of everything that is great with clubs and festivals and it is an environment that is one of a kind. I know I'll be going back  again for their next event, and I hope that you are there with me raging on the Hudson.