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Wacky, Whimsical and Hilarious: Paradiso 2014's Best Totems

Friday, July 04, 2014
Lauren Hruska

Totems were EVERYWHERE at this year's Paradiso Festival. And boy did ya'll get creative. photo 3 (1) Not only do totems make finding your friends easy amidst the crowds, but they add silliness and fun to the festival environment. Each time a new totem would appear in our line of sight, my friends and I and the people around us would burst into laughter. I hope the tradition of totems continues next year at Paradiso Festival; it was a beautiful and hilarious way to connect perfect strangers. Peep our list of some of the best totems spotted this year:

Acid Pikachu

acid pikachu

Dick Butt


(Heavy Breathing) Cat


Emoji Girl


Rage Kitten

rage kitten

And my personal favorite...

Make It Nasty