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Seriously, There's a Dubstep Remix for Everything!

Friday, July 25, 2014
Christina Hernandez

Dubstep: one of the broadest and most popular genres EDM today. As it exploded in popularity with new envelope-pushing sounds (especially with the rise of Skrillex, Rusko, and the subgenre "brostep"), dubstep became a household name, with young and old people alike having heard at least one song with a "wub wub" bass sound to it. As a consequence of the growing popularity of dubstep, young producers from all over the globe decided they wanted to contribute to the revolution; thus came about the popular saying, "There's a dubstep remix to that." And so there was and still is. So, I decided to compile a categorized list of some of the funniest and most crappy dubstep remixes I could think of - in their full Youtube glory since most of these were made before Soundcloud became the choice website for producers.

Try to listen to all of them without cringing, laughing, or both!

Movie Theme Songs

Ghost Dubsters - NR01

These guys get an A+ for originality in the title! Quite dubstep-y indeed.

Harry Potter Theme (Dubstep Remix)

Oh god, I laughed so hard with this one. It sounds like a toddler was playing around with producing software and this came out. Don't you agree?

Lord of the Rings (dubstep remix)

Oh yeah man, work that repetitive, chopped up sample of the main violin melody! I must say I'm quite impressed that this has a million views. Maybe I should try my hand at dubstep remixery...


Such feelz! Ok so maybe I sung along a little to this but hey it's not my fault Titanic is my favorite movie!

Azza - Scarface theme Dubstep Remix

I mean, Scarface is one of the biggest classic films out there and the epitome of American culture. So how could I not include a dubstep remix of it? Not enough womp though.  
Dubstep Remixes

TV Shows/Childhood Memories


The X-Files (Neo Geo Version)

The truth is out there...that this remix is a little corny. As a die-hard X-Files fan I will say I enjoyed watching the montage of clips from the show used in the video - they made the song more tolerable!

Lost Woods Dubstep Remix - Esphixa

The Legend of Zelda - what an integral part of mine and many others' childhoods! If this doesn't capture the essence of a dubstep remix then I don't know what does. Obviously a remix for it had to be made, and I support the 19 million people who have clicked on this Youtube link.

Arion - Pokemon (Dubstep Remix)

Moving onto another key part of our childhoods (I still shamelessly play my Yellow and Crystal gameboy versions) is a dubstep remix of pokemon. There were many, so I chose the one with the most views and the most womp. However, special mention goes to the nifty Lindey Stirling version!

Breaking Bad (MetroGnome COVER + REMIX)

Bet you thought the dubstep remix craze died down in 2011, didn't you? Well, YOU'RE WRONG. Here we have Heisenberg synthesizing a cool dubstep remix of the Breaking Bad theme song on the spot! Drugs and music, what can't this guy do?

Game of Thrones Dubstep

Ehmagerd Germe erf Thrernes! Such epic, wow! And junky. Way to keep the spirit of a crappy dubstep remix alive in recent times! I knew there had to be a Game of Thrones remix somewhere out there.  
Dubstep Remixes

Classic Songs


Pink Floyd - Have A Cigar (Wick-it the Instigator Remix)

I'll begin this section with one of the most influential bands of the 1970s (and also one of my all-time favorites) - Pink Floyd. Not sure I'm really into all the medium-pitched, brostep wubs added to Roger Water's voice, but I'll give DubbaWubbyz Promotions credit for their chosen image!

Europe - The Final Countdown (Andy's iLL Dubfix)

It's the final countdoooown...WUB WUB WUB SKURRRR! Yup.

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana (Dual Dubstep Remix)

You can't get much more 90s grunge than Nirvana! Is Kurt Cobain rolling over in his grave as a cause of this remix? Most likely.

Britney Spears - Toxic (DOPE! Dubstep Remix)

It's Britney, bitch! She's the voice of my generation; it's only logical that someone turn her classic hits into dubstep. However, this song is a bit "Toxic" to my ear drums. In the wise words of Chris Crocker, "Leave Britney alone!"

Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Vanic Dubstep Remix)

Now, I'm not a fan of T-Sweezy, but I gotta hand it to Vanic for creating a quality dubstep remix to her hit classic from a couple years ago. Not as cool as the goat version, but still catchy!  

Aaand that's it folks! Comment below with your favorite dubstep remixes!

Dubstep Remixes
*Shout outs to the other writers who contributed their ideas for this post; especially Tony, who contributed 4 songs!*