Forcing It: The 10 Most Ridiculous Celebrity DJs

It seems like everybody wants to DJ these days, even celebrities. Check out my Top 10 Most Ridiculous Celebrity DJs.

1. Danny “DJ Mom Jeans” Masterson


While he may be more well-known for his role as Steven Hyde on the hit television show, “That ‘70s Show,” Danny Masterson also DJ’s under the name DJ Mom Jeans. He began DJing as a hobby in 1999, and actually came up with the name “DJ Mom Jeans” because of the jeans his fellow cast had to wear on the popular show.

 2. Kristian Nairn


You may know him as Hodor on HBO’s massively popular, “Game of Thrones,” but actor Kristian Nairn also dabbles in DJing from time to time.

3. Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner Hosts The Pool After Dark At Harrah's Resort

Mainly known for being famous athlete Bruce Jenner’s son, Brody Jenner has become a celebrity figure appearing in iconic reality television shows like “The Hills” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Check him out in DJ action in this YouTube video:

4. Solange Knowles

Lately it seems that Solange Knowles is only known for being Beyonce’s sister and fighting in elevators.  However, she has actually had a moderately successful music and acting career and is booked to DJ at events regularly.

5. Nick Hogan

Nick Hogan
Yep…Hulk Hogan’s son DJs too.

6. Dennis Rodman

"All Star Celebrity Apprentice" Finale
Five-time NBA championship player, Dennis Rodman, has done everything from appearing in reality shows to hanging out in North Korea.  He even has started DJing, playing at major events like the Kentucky Derby.

7. Taryn Manning

You may know her as Janeane from 8 Mile, Nola from Hustle & Flow, or more recently, Pennsatucky from Netflix’s smash hit series “Orange Is the New Black,” but actress Taryn Manning has also made quite a name for herself in the club scene as a vocalist and as DJ Taryn Manning.

8. Elijah Wood

Yes, you read this correctly: Frodo Baggins has been hitting the decks for a few years now, mostly rocking Amoeba records events.

Here’s a short video that shows The Lord of the Rings actor in action:

9. Kate Moss

In 2013, Supermodel Kate Moss released a single with Canadian DJ Brendan Falls titled, “Day and All Night” and performed sets of her own at a variety of events.

10. Alicia Keys

And yes, musical superstar voalist Alicia Keys has even taken the turn tables under DJ alias “Mrs. DJ AK-47.” Check her out:


Lindsay Lohan


After a stint dating DJ Sam Ronson, Lindsay Lohan has taken her own turn at the decks here and there. Lets just hope she keeps this as an occasional thing.

Vanessa Hudgens


Disney star Vanessa Hudgens made her DJ debut in 2011 at “Fashion Night Out” in NYC. There may be a reason why we haven’t heard much of her ‘DJ career’ since…

Sasha Grey


Sasha Grey has left her pornstar days behind her to cash in on being a DJ. Sorry guys, she does this gig fully dressed.

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