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Is Nocturnal Wonderland Lacking "Headliners?"

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Matthew Jager

Yesterday I saw a lot of people complaining about the lineup for the 2014 Nocturnal Wonderland Festival held in California. General grievances were about the lack of what appeared to be lack of “headlining talent.” After a quick glance at the lineup however, one would be silly if they actually believed that statement. Sure the roster doesn’t feature all of the Top 10 DJs in the world as ranked by a mediocre survey, but that does not mean that the lineup isn’t good. In fact, it is one of the more diverse and impressive lineups I have seen for an event that isn’t trying to bring in every DJ in the world. Below you can see the full lineup of artists attending Nocturnal Wonderland. 10569019_913713765311389_3917415084873488276_n Here then for your listening pleasure and contemplation are the top 10 acts to see at Nocturnal Wonderland who are just as good or better than the “Top 10” DJs.  

1. Arty

Hailing from Mother Russia, Arty is an unstoppable force of trance and house goodness. He has consistently been at the forfront of the Anjunadeep lable producing some of the top tracks used by Above & Beyond as well as for Armada and Armin Van Buuren. His high energy tracks and even higher energy sets have kept him at the forefront of electronic music and his career is only just starting. For anyone needing some good progressive house and one hell of a good time, make sure you don’t miss Arty.

2. Crizzly

Crizzly is one of those artists who walks onto the stage and sets it on fire each time. His signature style of crunkstep and trap have made him one of the top acts in the world for bass lovers. He has recently been touring on the Vans Warped Tour and has been out of the electronic festival circuit, but that does not mean he is one to miss. Nonstop energy, heavy bass, and one crazy ass MC make Crizzly a must see at this Nocturnal Wonderland.

3. Excision

The king of dubstep is returning to Nocturnal Wonderland for another jaw dropping, head banging, bass whomping good time. The thought that all Canadians are nice and polite does not ring true with Excision as each time I have seen him, his sets are the heaviest and dirtiest I have ever come across rivaling only Destroid (where he is the front man) and Crizzly (listed above). Featuring an array of bass bangers, Excision was the highlight of this year’s Paradiso Festival in Washington State. If you value your eardrums you may want to skip him, but if you want to witness a set unlike any other then he is a must see.

4. Netsky

This Belgian Drum & Bass producer is one of the leaders in the world of D&B and is a personal favorite of mine. His sets are beautifully crafted and exquisitely mixed. Netsky is also one of the only artists who travels at times with a full band to accompany his signature D&B style. The golden boy of Hospital Records is a must see and I am honestly quite jealous of everyone attending Nocturnal as Netsky is truly a world class act.

5. Mat Zo

Mat Zo is one of those acts who you have probably heard the name of before but maybe have never actually seen a live set from him. Change that! Bringing a beautiful progressive house vibes mixed in with some surprisingly heavy bass, Mat Zo truly puts on a set that will have you dancing and losing yourself in the music. His sets are extremely well put together and he mixes in songs that rarely get heard at electronic events. This is not to say he does not play bangers, as he plays a good amount of them, but they aren’t the traditional hear at every festival bangers. Make sure to catch the legend do what he does best; make you want to dance.

6. MK

If you love good deep house, progressive house, or really house of any kind, MK is for you. I got the chance to see him when he came into a small venue in Seattle a few months back and he is nothing but amazing at what he does. His set was so beautiful and moving that it still stands out as one of the best sets I have seen in recent months. He is lesser known but truly is a legend to those who are familiar with his music. Make sure you take the time to educate yourself in all of the “houses” with MK this Nocturnal Wonderland.

7. Flux Pavilon

Does Flux really even need an introduction? A legend in the electronic world for his early day dubstep productions. Flux has kept relevant with countless releases that get played constantly at festivals. He is a master behind the decks, showing that he is more than just an old timer in the scene. His sets are high energy and feature a slew of heavy bass that is sure to rattle even the seasoned veterans of the electronic music scene. Don’t miss out on seeing a legend at work this September.

8. Myon & Shane 54

Myon & Shane 54 are two Hungarians who put on a real party every time they get behind the decks. Their signature trance and progressive house tracks have made them a favorite for most people who have seen them perform. Last year they came to Seattle to play an incredible show at a small venue and it still sits in my Top 5 performances ever. They even commented that it was their favorite show they had played thus far. They are high energy and don’t know how to have a bad time on stage. Mix up your lineup by seeing these two fantastic DJs put on what I am sure is going to be an incredible set.

9. The Glitch Mob

If you do not know of The Glitch Mob I question if you have been living under a rock for the past decade. This trio from Los Angeles is one of the most innovative and progressive thinking acts on the lineup this Nocturnal Wonderland. Their glitch hop sounds and hard bass have put them at the forefront of bass music and their new album “Life Death Immortality” is one of the best albums released this year. Their sets mostly consist of their own music, and really music no one else is playing. They have been on a live tour in recent months featuring the trio playing their music live on their stage set up, The Blade. Do not make the mistake of missing these three as they slay the stages of Nocturnal Wonderland in September.

10. Bad Boy Bill

One of the acts coming in for Nocturnal Wonderland to pay homage to Insomniac’s longest lasting festival, Bad Boy Bill is a legend. He has been a force in the electronic scene for well over a decade now, and has produced some of the top tracks in dance music history. He has a wonderful style of electro and house music that is unique in the current circuit of electronic artists. The chance to see a legend at work really is something you should not pass up. Make sure you catch Bad Boy Bill at this years Nocturnal Wonderland Still think there is no “headlining” talent at Nocturnal Wonderland this year? The list goes on and on including (to name a few) Adrian Lux, Bingo Playzer, Brillz, Fred V & Grafix, Jaytech, Loadstar, Nicky Romero, Super 8 & Tab, and Tydi. Nocturnal Wonderland is turning out to be an incredible festival this year, and the talent being brought in is world class. For more information on Nocturnal Wonderland check out the links below.

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