Trance Thursdays 002

Welcome back to another healthy dose of Trance in your pants! Following up that somewhat suggestive and bizarre intro, I’ll waste no time in continuing such sentiment with my first track of this week’s editorial.

Ashley Wallbridge-Keep The Fire (ft. Elleah)

One of my favorite Trance compositions as of yet, I think I first heard this song as a remix by Sean Tyas when I saw him spin during the Mystery Sounds Yacht Party during Miami Music Week 2012. To me, the piece exhibits a classic Trance composition, with a building beat accompanied by vocals for the first few minutes, followed by a chorus of only vocals, and then of course those goosebump-inducing moments when the main kick of the track builds up and drops. I distinctly remember rediscovering this record on my iPod whilst descending the (inside of) Dōngfāng Míngzhūtǎ (that really tall TV tower in Shanghai.) Standing amongst people whose language I barely had a grasp upon, immersed in a culture literally from the other side of the world, I remember feeling immediately transported into a state of Trance as I politely nodded at the museum exhibit we were passing through while grinning, my mind lost in the pounding synth melodies and haunting vocals that make this song the masterpiece that it is. I couldn’t possibly describe this it in detail, so I hope the feelings it provoked from me are enough of a description to give you a peek of the experience you’re about to leap into.

The next three songs I won’t say much about, other than the fact that I wouldn’t have chosen them if I didn’t think each of them is uniquely entertaining to listen to.

Arty feat. Tania Zygar – The Wall Arty (Remode Mix)

Robert Miles vs Maison Dragen vs Mark Sixma & Fisherman Hawkins – Children (Lange Mashup)

Super8 & Tab vs. Jaytech – Code Red

Tomas Heredia-I Was Wrong (Tomas Heredia Bootleg)

This is why I’m in love with Trance, and this is why I’m in love with Argentine Trance sensation Tomas Heredia. The somewhat poppy vocals are eloquently sampled by the young producer, combining heavy Trancey drums with original piano riffs to orchestrate a delectable beginning (note: if you want to see people go NUTS for Trance, go to Argentina). Heredia’s musical mastery allows the listener to find emotional tranquility when the vocals kick in and the combined acoustics and synths strum along in perfect unison. Tomas Heredia is an expert at melodic buildups, and it’s not long before his rising trills sweep us off our feet momentarily before a complete change in melody injects the listener with a dose of ecstasy as distorted acoustics slowly become clearer with a fast-paced, drum-filled buildup. Instantaneously and deliciously, Heredia whisks us away completely into his magical world of melodic joy accompanied by pulsating bass drums, and you feel as if you’re soaring through the sky as the different elements of the song fly past you.

I just listened to it for the fourth time in a row, and I can’t help the pangs of excitement put a grin on my face as I bop my head to the beat. Time for round five!

Until next time.



Wilder, aka 'Will King' is a true aficionado when it comes to writing about his biggest passion in life. Since getting thrust into the EDM scene in July 2011, Wilder has brought an array of different styles to the table, being careful never to completely rule out any one style or subgenre. Raised in New York City, he currently attends school in Colorado, where he has been adamantly exploring the local dance scene. Arty, Cosmic Gate, Dirty South, Sander Van Doorn and naturally Armin are Will King's favorite artists. Although they live almost 1000 miles away from eachother, WKing and Dan Tab each claim they have the best and most energetic dance moves on the OTB team...."Don't try and trade Kandi with me. What does PLUR even mean?"
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