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The 5 Best EDM Music Videos of 2014...So Far

To me, it seems like EDM DJ’s have really stepped up their game in terms of music videos.  Because of this, I wanted to count down the Top 5 EDM Music Videos of 2014…So Far.

5. DJ Snake & Lil Jon- Turn Down For What

Easily the most entertaining video out of the five, DJ Snake truly delivers an original video for his hit, “Turn Down For What.” It is almost indescribable; you just have to watch for yourself.  There is a lot of crashing through walls, weird dancing and yes, there is even some motor boating. Check out the video that earned the duo a nomination for an MTV Video Music Award:

 4. Calvin Harris- Summer

Before I watched Calvin Harris’s “Summer” video, I wanted to feel just that…summer.  I had high expectations for it and I definitely think he delivered. There is car racing, attractive girls everywhere, an epic party at the end and action star Jason Statham even makes an appearance.  Add all of that together and what do you get? This awesome music video, which also is nominated for an MTV Video Music Award.

3. Afrojack vs. THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS- Do or Die (Remix)

Three words: EPIC  EPIC  EPIC (I guess one word three times).  This is one of my favorite videos of the year no matter what genre.  This music video completely showcases what I believe being a superstar music artist is all about.  The entire video is like a giant concert of monstrous proportions.  There are huge crowds, fire works, and babies. Who doesn’t love babies?

2. Avicii- Addicted To You

Every video that Avicii has made for tracks off of his True album have been pure genius.  The video for “Addicted To You” does not disappoint.  It has an awesome Thelma & Louise vibe with its love story of two female criminals. It ends in gunshots, heartbreak and explosions...perfect!

1. Zedd- Find You

Having two females being in love seems to be the popular plot choice for music videos in 2014.  Zedd’s “Find You” music video is definitely one of my favorites of all time.  The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking and the editing is flawless. At the first drop, I was blown away by the effects. The storyline is great, the song is great, everything about this video is great. Check out my choice for the number one EDM music video of 2014:

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