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This year's list of highest paid DJs is out! And as the popularity of EDM rises, so do these DJs' salaries. While this year's list isn't that different from last year's, a few names have been shuffled around and might come as a surprise to you, or maybe not! Have a look here.

12. Armin van Buuren & Steve Angello ($12 mill)

armin van buuren steve angello 2014 was a big year for Armin van Buuren with his Armin Only Intense world tour which entailed 6 hour performances as well as ASOT 650. Not to mention his summer residency at Ushuaia in Ibiza. Meanwhile, Steve Angello managed to make half of Swedish House Mafia's total income last year all by himself. You go, Steve!

11. Hardwell ($13 mill)

hardwell Hardwell comes in at 11th, proving that being 2014's #1 DJ doesn't mean a #1 salary on this year's highest paid DJs list.

10. Deadmau5 ($16 mill)

deadmau5 paris hilton Although Deadmau5 is particularily more elusive than the rest of these DJs and his name won't be seen headlining music festivals as often, he has still managed to make the top 13 highest paid DJs. Although recent findings show that even Paris Hilton gets paid more for a gig than Deadmau5 does. I guess that just goes to show that higher prices don't always mean higher quality.

9. Skrillex ($16.5 mill)

skrillex Skrillex, who is now a 6-time Grammy winner, has made a grand total of $16.5 million. However, that's only under his solo name - imagine how much he's made when you add Dog Blood and Jack U's profits to the picture!

8. Kaskade ($17 mill)

kaskade Last year, Kaskade tied at 9th with Skrillex on the list of the world's highest paid DJs. This year, Kaskade has broken the tie by earning half a million more than Skrillex as well as a million more than he did in 2013.

7. Zedd ($21 mill)

zedd Ever since "Clarity" blew up in 2013, Zedd has been collecting award nominations like crazy. From MTV's Video Music Awards to the Grammys, Zedd's name is on them all.

6. Afrojack ($22 mill)

afrojack Afrojack finally released his debut album entitled "Forget The World" this year. Unfortunately, the album did not go as well as planned and received low ratings from The Guardian and Rolling Stone. Nonetheless, he still came out as the 6th highest paid DJ of this year.

5. Steve Aoki ($23 mill)

Steve Aoki Steve Aoki has been extremely busy in 2014; playing up to 3 shows a day as well as signing partnerships with brands like Bud Light, Guitar Center, Scion and Sol Republic. Imagine how many cakes you could buy with that much money...

3. Tiesto & Avicii ($28 mill)

avicii tiesto Tiesto and Avicii tie for 3rd on the list of richest DJs this year. While Avicii was breaking records left and right with his hit song "Wake Me Up", Tiesto was playing over 300 shows. Interestingly enough, when Tiesto teamed up with Calvin Harris for their "Greater Than" UK tour last year, Tiesto made a point to raise the price of his merchandise higher than Calvin's. His reasoning? He thought this would actually help him win back his spot of #1 highest-paid DJ from his tour-mate. Now, how do you say "you mad bro" in Dutch?

2. David Guetta ($30 mill)

david guetta Why did David Guetta space out like that during this year's Tomorrowland? Maybe he too was shocked that he would end up this high on 2014's highest paid DJs list, especially with his last few latest releases (yikes!) but his work with pop moguls like Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears are probably bringing in a lot of cash.

1. Calvin Harris ($66 mill)

calvin harris Once again, Calvin Harris has come out on top as the richest DJ worldwide. This should come as a shock to no one, considering his popularity has skyrocketed in the past year. Some of Calvin's accomplishments in 2014 include drawing the second largest crowd to a set in Coachella history, as well as purchasing a $7 million home in Hollywood.