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7 Overplayed Songs That Don't Deserve The Hate

The Seven Deadly Songs

In the beginning, there was a beat. And the electronic gods saw that it was good (and so did everyone else and their grandmother). And thus the overplayed song was born. Some people see overplayed songs as the spawn of Satin himself, bursting forth from the 100k watt sound systems and straight into your ear drums to bring your repetitiveness and worn out melodies. I usually agree with these people, but I also look back at when a song was first introduced to the electronic circuit to see if, in the beginning, it was originally something truly special that due to over popularization has been ruined forever and given the black mark by music lovers. Some of these songs were the flavor of the week and deserve to be left in that week, but others were so original and groundbreaking that they caused a shift in music, or had something so special to them that they truly deserved the popularity they achieved. We now take a look at the 7 Deadly Songs that don’t deserve the amount of hate they have acquired over the months and years. tumblr_mjmbgtoxU61r4q586o1_500

7. Don’t You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia

The final swan song from the legendary trio Swedish House Mafia before their untimely separation to pursue solo careers, "Don’t You Worry Child" is one of those songs that will most likely survive the eventual burst of the EDM bubble and go down as a classic. While the song was overplayed into oblivion through my radio and DJs around the world, the track at its core is a beautiful song with uplifting lyrics, good melodies and electrifying beats. Although it has been overplayed so much and really isn’t a favorite of mine, it has earned #7 on our list as it is one of SHM’s final songs. Of course, a bonus is the beauty that this track possesses with its music, and the powerful message that it talks about.

6. Concrete Angel – Gareth Emery

This beautiful trance track really shows us how a song can be so good overall that it becomes overplayed. Groundbreaking? No. Innovative? Not particularly. Absolutely breathtaking? Yes. "Concrete Angel" showcases the incredible mixing skills of Gareth Emery with the soothing vocals of Christina Novelli. It has always been a favorite of mine even though I generally reside in the bass camp, but that really shows off the power that "Concrete Angel" has. It is emotional, melodic, and full of energy all at the same time and will go down as one of the most overplayed yet powerful songs in electronic music.

5. Levels – Avicii

We haven’t seen much of "Levels" for a while, mostly because of how much it was overplayed and the fact that Avicii changed up his style massively from his early days to now. Levels was one of the oldies that was extremely popular because of its high energy, fun lyrics and catchy tune. But by today's standard, is "Levels" that great? Honestly, no. It is slightly repetitive and lacks the complexity of a lot of today's more modern electronic songs, but at the time "Levels" really was unique and different and this shows by how overplayed this song is. It was the theme song for most things related to electronic dance music and still really does have some merit as a dance track. From the fact of its groundbreaking nature when it was released and how widespread the love and then hate for this song is, "Levels" has earned a spot on our list.


4. Clarity – Zedd

I am not a Zedd fan. I have said this time and time again. His older, more bass-heavy tracks are his best work in my opinion, such as Slam The Door," but I do give Zedd all the credit in the world to being one of the first electronic artists to truly bridge the gap between electronic music and the mainstream world. It is because of tracks like "Clarity" that electronic music came out of the back rooms of clubs to making it into the public eye and becoming a true force to be reckoned with. Some people may say that this was a bad thing for electronic music as a whole, but that is a whole different discussion to be had. For the sake of this list, Clarity was one of the early tracks to bridge the gap and bring in a new wave of electronic music listeners.

3. I can’t Stop / Gold Dust - Flux Pavilion

If you have ever been to a bass-oriented stage, listened to an electronic music radio station (or you know…not lived under a rock), you have probably heard of Flux Pavilion. These two songs go hand in hand with the rise of bass music in the US a few years ago and they are "I Can’t Stop" and "Gold Dust." These two songs have earned the #3 spot due to their extreme overuse at festivals and in mixes alike. However, both songs are in my mind classics and deserve to be remembered as all-time greats. They were early innovations in bass music. When dubstep was being borne, Zeds Dead, Flux Pavillion, and Skrillex shaped the early days of popular dubstep. However, none of the other two artists had any songs as overplayed as Flux did. "I Can’t Stop," "Gold Dust," and even "Cracks" all burst to the front of bass music playlists and concerts from an early day and have not left that spot since.

2. Animals – Martin Garrix

The elephant in the room. "Animals". Everyone knows it. Most people hate it. Some people so much they trolled a crowd of 10,000 people with a remix of it to the tune of Old McDonald. This song has gained so much attention and has been played so much that the hate for this one song in particular has spread past the individual song and onto the artist who conceived it as well. Martin Garrix will be forever scarred by this track and always associated with it and the birth of big room house, which is exactly why this song has found its way onto the list. Sure there are other big room style tracks that predate "Animals," but none grabbed the fascination of the world to the scale that "Animals" did. I remember first hearing this track and thinking it was incredible, because it is. But even something incredible loses its luster after the one hundredth play. Should DJs use it as much as they have been? No. But should this song be thrown in the dust and stomped on until we have all forgotten about it? Also no. "Animals is the serial offender on the list for being most overplayed, but at the same time it truly was groundbreaking and did something that really was and still is unprecedented in the electronic music world.

1. Get Lucky – Daft Punk

We’re up all night because we can’t stop hearing this song everywhere, or at least couldn't a while back. Daft Punk's flagship song off of Random Access Memories truly was a worldwide phenomenon. With Pharrell and his hat taking over the vocals and Daft Punk behind the production and music, "Get Lucky" had everything it needed to rise the way it did. While I don’t think that "Get Lucky" was the best song on the album, only "Get Lucky" rose to the heights that it did. Smooth bass lines, fun lyrics, groovy melodies, and the popularity that Daft Punk bring all combined to create a monster of a track. Its wings spread far and wide as it was performed live at the Grammys and truly reached across genres to find the hearts and ears of millions of listeners everywhere. "Get Lucky" is technically brilliant, beautiful to listen to, brings a smile to everyone’s face, and is overplayed like no other and that is why it takes the #1 spot on our list. tumblr_n02cuxE8ss1tq83lto1_500