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"Call 911 now!" and Other Epic EDM Samples

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Lalita Stone

Let's talk about samples. We hear them in a vast majority of EDM songs these days. Take Knife Party's "Internet Friends" for example. The distinct sound of Apple's iPhone ringtone is undeniably familiar to us all. But what about some of the lesser known samples? Here are a few classic songs and the origins of their transcendent samples.

Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox)

Skip to 0:25 and allow your mind to be blown. Despite what the music video perceives, the voice of "Call 911 now!" is not a little girl but in fact this woman who has been drinking way too much haterade.

Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Skrillex's sample of "Yes, oh my god!" is only the beginning of obscure internet memes being used as samples in EDM songs. Skip to 0:08 to see what had this girl so excited that she made it onto one of the biggest dubstep anthems of all time. Fun fact: If you check out speedingstackinggirl's YouTube profile picture, it's a picture of her and Skrillex.

Avicii - Levels

What do EDM superstar Avicii and 1950s jazz singer Etta James have in common? They both had the world singing the same catchy tune during completely different decades. Go ahead, click play. Sound familiar?

Porter Robinson - 100% in the Bitch

And the award for most cringe worthy samples origin goes to, none other than #1 weeaboo, Porter Robinson. I don't even know how Porter found this video considering it barely has 81,000 views but it made it into his song "100% in the Bitch".

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Bingo Players - Cry (Just A Little)

Here's another example of classic songs from before our generation being recycled into today's music. Skip to 1:20 of Brenda Russell's 80s hit "Piano in the Dark" to hear where Bingo Players got their hook for "Cry (Just A Little)".

Deadmau5 - Moar Ghosts 'N' Stuff

As most of us know, the intro to "Moar Ghosts 'N' Stuff" starts off with the Funeral March also known as Chopin's "Piano Sonata No. 2" however that's not all the intro entails. Have you ever wondered where Deadmau5 got his "After I'm gone" speech from? You'll find the answer in "The Brain from Planet Arous" - a 1957 sci-fi film which got pretty low ratings from critics. Any other famous samples you've heard in tracks? Let us know!