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The Power of Trance

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Lauren Hruska



Trance has brought me back to life on more than one occasion.

Just think about this for a second... 

Trance is emotional dance music. Just like a flower, trance opens the heart, releasing a slew of emotions that may have been suppressed by the listener.

rose blooming

Once your heart is open, this particular genre of music elicits all types of emotions, ranging from pure bliss to intense gratitude and hardest of all to deal with: pain. What happens at a Trance show? Inevitably people get emotional due to the music - people may cry and strangers reach out to hold and or comfort those that do. 


We embrace. We connect. We love.


We work through all of our pain in a safe space, with the support of each other and it allows us to heal. (Why do you think they call it "Group therapy"...) Isn't that what life truly is all about? For what could be more important in this lifetime than helping others? In addition to experiencing our pain, we learn to release it and through the process of letting go we are able to celebrate life once more. This is what makes us a family.

Trance family.

trance definition

United we stand
Divided we won't fall
But when we get the call
We come together

in trance we trust

Now Try This...

Want to supercharge your physical and emotional health?

Work out to trance.

work out

We all know working out releases endorphins. But what exactly is an endorphin? Endorphin: A hormonal compound that is made by the body in response to pain or extreme physical exertion. Endorphins are similar in structure and effect to opiate drugs. They are responsible for the so-called runner's high, and release of these essential compounds permits humans to endure childbirth, accidents, and strenuous everyday activities. Endorphins are mother nature's morphine and morphine eases pain. And, as stated above, I believe that trance has healing properties. By working out to trance you can minimize any pain you may be feeling: physical or emotional. You can accelerate an emotional healing process by working up a sweat, thereby triggering the release of endorphins accompanied by trance.

I recommend the faster, harder, uplifting kind. Specifically 135 - 140 BPM.

I can promise you that there is no greater high on earth than the euphoria that results from intense exercise coupled with trance music.

Need a tracklist to get you started? Try this: The 10 Best Sprinting Songs


Which brings me to yet another theory. Who's afraid of 138?! actually has two meanings and can be viewed as a metaphor of sorts. First, being the off handed comment Armin made to categorize people that dislike the particular genre of trance. Second, the phrase could be interpreted as people that are literally afraid of feeling. Just as I described above trance has the power to elicit strong emotions. One of them being pain. It's much harder to face pain than to avoid it. But the only way you can heal is to experience it. I invite you to listen to trance, embrace your pain, activate the healing process and find peace.