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Tomorrowworld: Bringing In A Fusion Of Genres...& Shaq

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Monica Uppal

It's amazing to see that music no longer has such stringent walls and confinements; seeing artists across different musical backgrounds become inspired by one another, to be entranced and enthralled by the sounds, and explore new ways to grow in their art is a beautiful thing. Tomorrowworld is a perfect example of an arena where a fusion of cultures, music, and people blend to create a unique ambiance and experience. 2moroWorldThumb6 With Tomorrowworld closing its doors for another year, photos have come pouring in, filling everyone's news feed on their favorite social media platforms. As I browsed through the photos I noticed one trending in particular; a growing popularity of rappers getting involved in the EDM genre, creating their own songs and enjoying the festival along the way. Tomorrowworld took place in Georgia, USA, which is a hotbed for hip-hop music, but to have such a large turnout of rappers at another genre's festival seems... out of the norm? What started out as 'trendy,' with A$AP Rocky’s remix of Skrillex’s “Wild For The Night”, has quickly become norm among rappers like Lupe Fiasco, Waka Flocka Flame, and 2 Chainz, who have all been getting involved on recent reworks and EDM tracks. For example, this past weekend Diplo brought 2 Chainz and others onto the stage to rap and hype the crowd as he mixed at Tomorrowworld. Ludacris found his good friend Shaq, and took a selfie to commemorate the festival, stating how inspired they were with the event.
In addition, Shaq found his way onto the livestream, as he shook hands with Tiesto, while telling him that he enjoys his music!

EDM and other genres?

As stated before, EDM music is now an art not solely confined to rave goers; the “PLUR” effect has trickled its way through many genres, because EDM has a plethora of sub-genres that contain beats and rhythms, that can easily morph to enhance other musical forms. For example, Trap music has become a popular genre inside EDM, yet this is not where the genre first started. Trap music has been around for several decades now, and is widely popular in hip-hop/rap. Artists such as Andre Nickatina, Webbie and DJ Paul have all used trap-styled beats in their tracks, long before EDM Trap became as huge as it currently is. As EDM Trap producers push out bass-driven tracks, filled with 808’s and highly syncopated hats, more rappers have made the move toward collabing with these artists, making two styles of genres unite.

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In addition, Christian music has also taken a shining to EDM, in the form of "gospel house". With the news that Christian music is also dabbling in EDM, where will the integration end? Hopefully never. I enjoy the fact that many other genres are incorporating elements of EDM into their creations. This only means that EDM is making a big impression to other artists. Although some may be doing this for money, there are plenty of artists that love the sound, and will continue to stretch the reach of EDM in the future.

Don’t Hate, Appreciate

As EDM fans, it is our job to be open to these new interpretations of music. As “PLUR” has swept the nation, we must remember the last letter “R” stands for Respect. We must respect the new ways EDM is changing the world, and welcome the new fans. So enjoy the fact that we can get down to Kendrick’s “m.A.A.d. City” along with Krewella’s “Live For the Night,” and keep your ears open for DJ Spivey’s Gospel House Music Mix, when you hear it.

Final Words

The marriage of seemingly different genres is a beautiful and necessary entity in today's musical industry, because it enables artists to create new sounds, be inspired, form original and lasting tracks, and break down the culture that divides listeners into particular categories. At the end of the day, music is music, and we must appreciate and respect it. It is inevitable that EDM will spread across a multitude of other genres; the types of music that the future has in store is unknown. In the words of Tomorrowworld, “Tomorrow is a mystery”. We'll just have to wait and see how the mystery unfolds.

Written by: Monica Uppal and Alex Zimmerman