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10 Photos that Make Me Want to Attend SnowGlobe

Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

With SnowGlobe Festival releasing their lineup and presale tickets, the hype for SnowGlobe is at an all time-high. This festival offers a unique experience being located in the mountains at Lake Tahoe, California. Taking place over the new year, this festival is known for its snow-filled festival ground while warming everybody with stellar acts.

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With Disclosure, Flume, Porter Robinson, Skrillex and Zedd all headlining, it’d be silly to miss the festival this year. After browsing through pictures of previous Snowglobe Festivals off their website, it instantly earned a spot on my bucket list. Being from Dallas, I never get to experience true snow and sadly don’t get to see mountains. These pictures capture not only the beautiful scenery but also the beautiful emotions and people that attend the event. If you haven’t heard of the festival, check out my top 10 photos that make me want to attend. These certainly aren’t the only ones, so check out all the photos and enjoy the views!

 10. Dancing In The Snow

SnowGlobe Gallery Clearly, this place can become a winter wonderland for any EDM listener. With a big area to create your own snow angels, SnowGlobe’s atmosphere brings the kid out of everyone.

9. Emotions Galore

SnowGlobe Gallery This is the moment SnowGlobe becomes legen-wait for it... 'dary.' This girl is feeling what I want to feel all the time… pure bliss. I bet the cooler weather provides the perfect breath in this moment.

8. In Case You Wanted Your Laser Fix...

SnowGlobe Gallery Don’t worry if the weather gets too cold for you, the crowd is sure to warm you up. If not, they also have a second stage covered to block the weather from your skin.

7. Feeling Snow Melt On Your Face... Priceless

SnowGlobe Gallery

Why would you not want to feel this weather though as the world gives our feet a fresh coat of snow to dance on?

6. Watch Attendees Snowboard and Ski to Great Music

SnowGlobe Gallery Who doesn’t want to shred some slopes while listening to the best EDM songs? Although I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding, if I ever learned, this would be an excellent place to show some skill.

5. The lights and shows are sure to create "hands in the air" moments.

SnowGlobe Gallery The cool weather is sure to make your hands cold, so make sure to wear your flashy gloves for everyone to see.

4. Who hasn't dreamed of this?

SnowGlobe Gallery Even from the DJ's point of view, SnowGlobe looks amazing. Who wouldn’t want to mix away to this crowd with this beautiful forest in the background? This picture makes me want to be up on stage!

3. The Mainstage... Enough Said

SnowGlobe Gallery Why wouldn’t you want to be in the crowd for this?

2. Everybody should know about SnowGlobe Music Festival

SnowGlobe Gallery

Not everyone may know of Snowglobe Festival… but after these pictures who wouldn’t? As EDM makes news across the country, not everyone may understand why we love EDM. We must be the people to share who we are.

And my favorite picture that makes me want to go to SnowGlobe Festival is…

......Drumroll please…...

1. It can't get any better than this

SnowGlobe Gallery This iconic picture, displays everything there is to love about SnowGlobe. The lights, the forest, the smaller venue and the location are all featured here. If this picture doesn’t hit the heart, you may not have one.

SnowGlobe Festival 2014 Tickets

As Tomorrowworld, Ultra and EDC become global festivals with expansive stages that seem to go for miles, it is exciting to see different festivals create totally different experiences. Rather than enjoying the beautiful summer weather that California is most known for, SnowGlobe seeks to show that EDM music is great even in the middle of winter. With plenty of activities to look at other than flashing lights, this festival is bound to become one of the premier festivals to attend during the winter. And who wouldn’t want to bring in the new year with some EDM music.

SnowGlobe logo

Enjoy the photos, check out SnowGlobe Festival happening December 29-31, 2014. Celebrate the new year for under $200 by buying your tickets now and get your snow gear ready. This festival may even be better than Lights All Night, happening on my doorstep. It’s sure to be a wonderland in Lake Tahoe this winter.