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The Final Frontier of EDM: Machines From The Future

Friday, December 05, 2014
Colin Rinehart

There's a movie that's been out for the past couple weeks which some of you may have heard of. It's called Interstellar. [caption id="attachment_29113" align="aligncenter" width="202"]EDM "What's out there, Daddy?"  "I don't know let's go touch it."[/caption] I'm not going to spoil anything about the all. Ever. That would be an atrocious sin, and anyone who does spoil movies on the internet without an obvious spoiler tag an adequate distance from the spoiler is, and should consider themselves to be, a sopping douchebag. I will however say that Interstellar is a beautiful piece of cinema which will most likely win many awards and have fanboys jerking off to the sound of Christopher Nolan's name as they whisper it to themselves repeatedly late at night for a while to come. In all seriousness though, the movie brings hopes among nerds and movie buffs alike of a new wave of science fiction films. It isn't just about spaceships and the future and pew pew pew and aliens. The film brings up interesting ideas and makes the audience think about what they're watching. Coming along just in time to help reinforce that hopeless dream of a Hollywood that takes risks and doesn't just spoon feed us emotional porn and take our money, is the trailer for Star Wars Episode VII. Despite how you feel about the new cross-guard lightsaber design, the trailer shows definite promise in a genre that's been painfully stagnant up until this year. As a society, the western world has been toying with the same standards of what the general population seems to view as the technology of the future. Household robots which double as your own personal man-servant, a computer that teaches our kids, making every day chores such as cleaning the dishes obsolete; these have all been on the mind and imagination of the public for quite a while now, and it's about time for some new ideas. EDM With this new wave of sci-fi films come the thought that our idea of what constitutes science fiction has changed. It's no longer cool or futuristic enough to have screens in every room of the house and have a robot voice that can answer any question you have with a moment's notice. We already have all that shit. It's no longer exciting to us. EDM

Once we arrive at a destination we have previously defined as 'there,' we proceed to call it 'here.' Then we locate the next 'there' and continue our journey forward. Rarely do we take more than a brief pause to appreciate 'here.' That's exactly what keeps the human race moving forward though. Constant progress and an insatiable desire to create and advance.


So what does our new-found taste for sci-fi have to contribute to the EDM community?

Electronic music has led the way in instrument and performance innovation since before the turn of the millennium. From Kraftwerk, which is still just as fucking weird today, to this live rendition of "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" by Pinn Panelle back in 2011.

The amount of development that occurs in the production and performance of live shows is still mind-blowing to us. There's no end to what can be used to create music, so there's no end to the toys and machines we can develop to express that music.


Therefore, it's up to the EDM community to offer up its own ideas as to what the future of technological development should hold. We already use machines from the future to make our music, and the next generation of musical instruments may just influence the technology of the next generation itself.