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OTB's Top 5 Trap Artists of 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014
Sam Storch

It's always hard to pick a “Top Whatever List", regardless of the topic. No matter what you say, or how you pick the list, everyone wants to tweak it… truthfully, that’s what makes these lists awesome. We all love something, and are essentially invited to voice our opinions about it. These are the artists we felt were the biggest, baddest, and most “Turnt Up” players in the game. A variety of factors went into this list, including, but not limited to...
  • Social Media Following
  • Body of Work Within The Trap Scene (Productions, Shows, etc…)
  • Performances

Only The Beat’s Top 5 Trap Artists of 2014


5. Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw This spot was very difficult to choose, because there are so many trap artists that could be placed in this position (UZ, Loudpvck, and Gladiator just to name a few). However, Yellow Claw has edged them out, and has made it into the #5 spot on our "Top Trap Artist" list. YC's energy during live sets is up there with the best of them; there is a reason why they play the main stage at festivals instead of the side tents, and that's because their sets are insane! As trap has become bigger, YC's tracks are becoming more noticed... and it's about time. These guys produce some of the most massive trap beats in the game today; just listen to some of their remixes, and you'll see why these guys deserve to be recognized.

4. Baauer

Baauer Baauer, in my opinion, is a wild card pick at #4. I say a wild card pick, because in the age of “what have you done for me lately”, Baauer may be overlooked. Baauer has had several hits within the trap music community, but has gone unnoticed because a lot of them are collaborations. With that being said, here are several reasons why he is listed at #4: 1. Even though most of his major songs are collaborations, they still become huge hits. Just take for example, "Higher – Just Blaze x Baauer", and "Infinite Daps – RL Grime x Baauer". 2. He's a crowd pleaser, and is great with his fans – who in the world throws out USB sticks at their live shows with all the new tracks they have been working on except for Baauer... freaking awesome. 3. Harlem Shake – If there is one track that brought trap music to everyone, it’s this one; enough said.

3. DJ Snake

Snake You may be thinking too yourself “DJ SNAKE?! A top 5 trap artist over Gladiator, Loudpvck, UZ and others?! This dude is nuts!" Well, while I do believe that everyone is a bit crazy, this may be the most logical and easy choice on this list. Let’s break down the numbers: 1. Most played song "Turn Down For What" = 10 million plays. This is by far the most listened to song by any artist mentioned in the "Top 5" (RL Grime is next with about 6.5 million on his "Love Sosa" remix). 2. His followers on social media is about 1 million between Facebook and Soundcloud (second to Floss who has 3.5 million on Soundcloud alone). 3. Snake performs main stage or 2nd main stage at all or most major festivals, and can sell out any venue on his own without assistance (this is very underrated, because if you look at other trap guys such as Lookas and Ookay, you can be sure to see them touring with other artists to ensure the show sells out). Even Yellow Claw and Baauer may not able to do that on their own everywhere. With the numbers mentioned above, it's fairly obvious that DJ Snake belongs in this discussion, but what truly solidifies his spot on this list is his longevity and production skills. 99% of the people reading this will have heard of “Turn Down for What”; however, those people may be surprised when they are informed that DJ Snake is also responsible for 2-3 (depending who you are) trap songs that are staples within the trap music scene: 1.) Bird Machine 2.) Get Low 3.) Bubble Butt (remix) Those three tracks to me are what propel DJ Snake above the rest of the field, and land him squarely on this list at #3. The only reason that he is not higher up on this list is, because his sets are extraordinarily diverse and not specifically focused around trap like the other spots on the list (it is important to note that since last year, his sets have been getting more and more trap oriented).

2. RL Grime

Grime Everything Mr. Henry Steinway (a.k.a. RL Grime, a.k.a. Clockwork – his electro/prog house alter ego) touches freaking turns to gold. Within the trap scene, RL Grime is one of the best and most well-known producers. With an old school hip-hop vibe, Grime is able to make some of the most intricate and full sounding trap tracks that are out today. What demonstrates his excellence at producing trap, is the quantity of songs that other DJs use of his within their sets. For example, Floss (Flosstradamus) uses "Favelas" (Rl Grime Edit) as their opening track, and then uses "Tell Me" as one of their primary mashups (with "Drunk In Love"). In regards to his sets, Grime is one of those DJs who is really able to bring out the best of the old school hip-hop vibe. It would seem that he has one of the greatest appreciations for all that hip-hop, rap, and trap have to offer. This appreciation for everything really makes his sets unique and different than any other trap artist you will hear today.

1. Flosstradamus

Floss Dem Hoodie Boyz (a.k.a. Floss) epitomize everything that trap music is and means to the masses. If you have ever seen or heard a live set by Floss, you know that the amount of energy and skill they have is second to none. Never in my life have I seen anyone move a crowd like these guys do within this genre. warning signs The original trap track that puts this genre on the map is "Original Don" (Flosstradamus Remix). I do not know a single person who calls themselves a trap music fan, and does not know that track. Since that first mega production, Floss has not showed any signs of slowing down. Partnering with some major names in the hip-hop community (Flocka, Travis Porter, Casino etc...) just demonstrates the level of excellence that these guys have reached. Every production is full with powerful basslines, crazy melodies, and ridiculous samples which all point to the same thing... people getting “TURNT UP”.  

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