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The Most Exciting Part of EDM in 2015?

Monday, December 22, 2014
Colin Rinehart

In case you aren't familiar with reddit, in which case I wonder what you do on the internet anyways, it's a website that brings users together in a forum and encourages them to explore the internet and share information with eachother. R/askreddit is a subreddit where users do just that, ask reddit. A user by the name of u/TheAnimatorguy posted "What are you most excited about in 2015?" in askreddit the other day. Lots of good answers followed, many of which involved the re-release of several video games on the computer, some of the more interesting of which involved the space probe New Horizons finally reaching Pluto. My own answer, of course being Star Wars, was echoed by quite a few users. By far, the best answer was posted about halfway down the page by u/Naked_Erect_Retarded. His one word answer? "Titties." While the most striking element of that answer may be its misogynistic roots, after you read on, you realize the truth in the number one comment in the thread, posted by u/heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey: "Was excited about titties in 2014, but I am excited about them in 2015, too." Every year, there's a bandwagon in every social/artistic/political/whatever-you-want-to-put-here-I-don't-care circle. This year, it seemed the bandwagon that everyone in the EDM community liked to bitch about was the deep house and drum & bass fad. I personally am not a huge fan of deep house. I honestly just haven't really given it much of a chance. I dig some old school d&b though. Anyways, there's always going to be the 'new cool thing,' no matter what year it is. There's always a few genres that legitimately shine each year, and rarely are they the same genres as last year. Which genres those are is a matter of opinion from person to person. We could argue all day about it. I could say that trap has made a huge comeback on an artistic level this year through artists such as Mr. Carmack, Alpha Dog, ƱZ and heRobust. By comeback, I mean it's not all about the high pitched beeps and boops and poorly timed 808 drops (which sadly seemed to be all the rage in 2013). [caption id="attachment_29788" align="aligncenter" width="720"]edm in 2015 Mr. Carmack[/caption] Mr. Carmack has really spearheaded that movement though, making trap music that listeners could actually consider more of a legitimate crossover between hip-hop instrumentals and the trap music of last year. These are trap beats you could see an emcee actually recording and rapping over. [caption id="attachment_29789" align="aligncenter" width="673"]edm in 2015 heRobust[/caption] heRobust has also made some major headway this year. The glitch/trap inspired Atlantan really burst onto the scene this year, and he never forgot his fans. He's got a fairly large social media presence, and he's constantly reminding his fans that all his success is due to their devotion. It's nice to have artists like that. So long as heRobust doesn't become what he's done so well to bring trap music away from...then judging by his last few live set videos posted on his Facebook page, he may be well on the way. So what did titties have to do with all that? Well simply put, we were excited about EDM in 2014, and we're damn sure excited about EDM in 2015. While a lot changes in a year (artists leave the music scene, groups fall apart, artistic integrity is compromised), we will always have the music to come back to and talk about. Because the desire to consume this music and art is so ingrained in our DNA, that we might as well be talking about titties.