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Last Minute Raver Christmas Gifts

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Alright everyone, we've got 3 more days until Christmas and I know there are a lot of you who haven't gotten any gifts yet (and Hanukkah is almost over, so either way you're really cutting it short here).  You've got plans for what to get your mom, your cousins, your annoying older sister...but what about for your other family? You know, your RAVE FAM. Lucky for you, we've put a short list together for a few last minute gift ideas, even for the raver who has EVERYTHING.

For the Ultimate Kandi Kid

6,500 Pony Beads 61cVOHXzk-L Get your favorite kandi kid this 4 lb. bucket and watch their imagination run wild! Maybe they'll even make you that cool 3D cuff you've always wanted as a thank you. If you're feeling extra generous, Amazon also offers a bucket of 11,000 perlers.

For Your Glover

Extra Batteries 10b_5 You've got a gloving fan in your rave fam who's got it all - they already sport three different sets of gloves at festivals and have the hottest new strobe LEDs in their gloves at all times. What are these face-melting enthusiasts usually short on? BATTERIES. Nothing makes a glover more sad than watching their pinkie finger's light fizzle out in the middle of a lightshow. Keep them prepared (and keep a smile on their face) with Emazing Lights' selection of two different size batteries, starting at $0.50 each.

For the Most Basic Rave Bitches

Little Black Diamond Bottoms rb     rb2 These. Things. Are. Everywhere. If I had a dollar for every time I saw these things on a blonde, 19 year old attending some mediocre State school in California with the hashtag #ravebooty, well, I'd be able to buy a lot of these little guys. From American flag print, to fish scale green, to holographic, Little Black Diamond offers these bottoms in every color. Your favorite respectable basic rave bitch isn't some hoochie - she's got her boobs well covered with a set of pasties and all of the other necessary...erm..."bits" covered with her Little Black Diamond bottoms, assuring she won't get arrested for indecent exposure. Check her closet before you buy though, chances are she's already owns the color that you put in your online shopping cart.

For the Festival Junkie

Camelbak Replacement Reservoir 41wzZkl0-XL The festival junkie is always prepared. They've been to single day up to weeklong events all around the world, from EDC to Tomorrowland to Ultra Korea. There's really not a lot of festival-related gifts that the festival warrior doesn't have yet (besides tickets, but come on, we're not rich enough to buy them THAT). But, the one thing they've forgotten is their Camelbak bladder. They got home from Nocturnal Wonderland and never empited out the excess, allowing that nasty, festival germ-fueled water to sit and ruin it. They won't realize this until the day before their next festival this summer, and ain't nobody got time for bacterial diseases. Lucky for them, you picked up an extra. Your festival fiend (and their thirst) will thank you.

For the Electronic Music Snob

Chill Pills pill-chill-pill We've all got one in our rave fam - the raver who said they were listening to techno "before it was mainstream" and how the industry is "being taken over by douchebags." While you're all having fun at a show, they're sulking near the back of the club, wishing that EDM (and they refuse to ever use the word) wasn't so lame. These may just be little candies, but giving these to your music snob friend might give them a little push to let it go and join in on the fun. Or, it'll piss them off and they'll leave. Either way, you're getting the bad vibes out of your way...right?

For Your Favorite Rave Bro

A Normal Bro Tank billabong-matrix-tank-top-light-jade             neff-galacticat-tank-top-multi sde-men  


You know you'll never be getting him out of tanks at shows, because who wouldn't want to show off those guns? At least give him a hand, and get him to throw out those neon, tight tanks that say "PARTY WITH SLUTS." Evo's got a great selection of cool galaxy prints and color block tanks for dudes on sale right now, and I highly recommend them. And hey, baby steps.